7 Ways Your LMS Improves Training Outcomes

To wrap up 2020, we took a look at our most popular blog posts — and found that readers are eager to improve the learning experience for both learners and training administrators. There’s also considerable interest in how the LMS can help an organization address quickly changing circumstances — not surprising considering the curve balls 2020 has thrown at nearly every business!

Fortunately, SmarterU LMS excels at providing an optimal experience under even the most trying circumstances. Here, we’re highlighting seven blog posts that show how.

1. Brexit: What’s the Impact on Training?

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Brexit was big news a year ago, and as the deadline looms with no deal in sight, the impact of the United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union will be felt by companies large and small. Read about the ways one company is preparing for changes ahead. 

2. Need eLearning — FAST?

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When COVID-19 hit and companies closed virtually overnight, training moved online quickly. Without the months usually needed to design, develop, and launch online training, many organizations were desperate for a solution. 

SmarterU was there to help. Learn how easy it is to quickly convert slide decks into eLearning! 

3.  Ease the Burden of Training Enrollments

Man relaxing in front of his laptop, hands behind his head.

Enrolling learners in the right training and ensuring they complete it can be the bane of a training administrator’s existence. It can also absorb an enormous amount of their time. 

SmarterU makes enrolling and tracking learners easy with automation. It even has a new feature to update learner records in batches! Find out how to simplify learner enrollments with SmarterU.

4. SmarterU LMS Automation: Delegate These 12 Tedious Tasks

Illustrated representation of automation consisting of three white gears surrounded by a white circle, resting on a background of circuitry.

Training enrollments are just one aspect of the administrator’s job that benefits from automation! SmarterU is all-in with these 12 ways to reduce the amount of repetitive work and eliminate potential for errors with smart automation. Training administrators will love it — and learners will enjoy a smoother, more coherent online training experience. 

5. LMS Integrations Improve Learner Experience

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SmarterU is a leader in integrations, which has surprising benefits for learners as well as for training admins! 

The days of all online training consisting of LMS-based eLearning courses are long gone, for example, yet many LMS platforms don’t seem to know that. SmarterU is integrated with content libraries, microlearning and other mobile learning platforms, virtual classroom tools, and much more — empowering learners and providing a coherent learner experience.

6. Employee Experience Starts in Your LMS

Close-up of a person's hands holding a tablet. Popping off of the tablet surface is a bar graph, increasing as it moves to the right.

Improving overall employee experience or EX has been a major focus since 2019. And opportunities to learn and grow — take training — factor into EX in a big way. That’s why your SmarterU LMS is a natural starting point for improving the EX of your employees. With personalization and customization features, integrations that support the way modern learners learn, and more, SmarterU will help your employees grow and succeed.

7. Look Beyond Features When Choosing LMS Vendor

A woman with long, light brown hair in a white jacket looks off into the distance, using her left hand as a shield against the sun.

Your LMS is more than the sum of its integrations and automations: It’s a long-term partner in achieving your training and business goals. With that in mind, choosing an LMS vendor is as important as choosing a platform with the features you want. Maybe even more important! 

That’s why SmarterU puts so much effort into building strong, lasting relationships with clients. We’re creating a partnership with you that will span years! Find out how the SmarterU team views exceptional customer support — and why our customers agree that we consistently exceed our own high standards.

Ready to learn more?

Find out for yourself how a SmarterU LMS can make life easier for your training admins, improve the learner experience, and grow with your organization. Contact us today!

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