It’s Easier Than Ever to Update Learner Records with SmarterU!

Great news! You’ve got the largest cohort of new hires in your company’s history!

Are your training admins and managers as excited as you are about onboarding dozens of new employees? Or do they dread the tedious task of tracking and updating the new learners’ records?

Batch action processing simplifies onboarding — and more!

Each new hire now has to navigate a labyrinth of training, forms, documents, and tasks. And their managers or the training admins have to check off each item as the learner completes it — and confirm each action in the LMS.

Colorful blocks set out on a wooden surface, creating a maze. In the maze are several wooden figures, placed in different sections.

On the one hand, being able to track training and actions — anything from new hires picking up their uniforms to learners uploading the required licenses and certificates — within the LMS is a win for efficiency and accuracy. On the other hand, confirming each and every learner action, one-by-one, is tedious and time-consuming.

That’s why SmarterU made it easy & efficient

You are probably familiar with SmarterU’s learning plans, which makes it easy to assign the same training to a cohort of learners while also personalizing training according to role or even an individual learner’s goals. Now, SmarterU has added a feature that makes it easier than ever to manage multiple learners completing the same required actions.

SmarterU admins and learners’ managers will notice a new menu item, Action Approval. Choosing this opens a newly designed screen that will make admins’ and managers’ record keeping a breeze.

The SmarterU Action Approval screen, showing the learners' name, action, status, certification, confirmed by. The menu showing where to access the Action Approval page is overlaid on top with "Action Approval" highlighted.

Confirm multiple actions at once

You can process and confirm multiple actions at once, saving keystrokes, time, and wear-and-tear on your nerves. Choose to process:

All actions by an individual learner

As part of their onboarding, for instance, each new hire might be asked to upload several licenses, documents, and forms.

All actions of the same type

You’ve issued uniforms to your entire cohort of new front-line employees, for example, and need to confirm that they all received their gear.

An action completed by members of a Home Group

You’re onboarding retail staff for a large store, perhaps, or a fleet of new delivery drivers. All members of the cohort have the same set of activities to complete, such as time in a simulator or practicing tasks under supervision.

Actions pertaining to the same certification

When everyone’s safety or compliance renewal is due at the same time — or your new hires are all doing it as a cohort— you can indicate that they’ve all been given their vision and hearing exams and confirm the action, all at once, for dozens or even hundreds of learners.

The batch approval process is simple. Choose the way you want to filter actions, then select the relevant actions from the list that appears. Click the “+” sign to choose a record, then enter the approval date. That’s it. All of the selected actions are confirmed. Note that any attachments that the confirming manager or admin is providing, such as a sign-off form or report from an observed activity, must be attached to the appropriate records before confirming the batch of actions. 

Filter and process actions by type or status

Close-up of the action panel highlighting the Status column.

The new Action Approval screen enables you to filter actions by type, by learner, or by status:

  • Pending actions haven’t yet been completed by the learner
  • Review status indicates the action is complete and is waiting for confirmation by a manager or training admin
  • Accepted actions have been completed and, when needed, have been confirmed by the appropriate manager

On the same screen, you can view learner attachments — if, say, a learner was required to upload an image of a license or certificate — to ensure that the uploaded document meets requirements.

Make training administration easy with SmarterU

The SmarterU team constantly strives to improve the experience of SmarterU admins and learners. With regular updates and new feature releases, SmarterU is responsive to customer feedback and ahead of the curve in adding innovative features. Our customer support gets consistent raves as well. Check out SmarterU — and boost your efficiency. Contact our experts today!

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