SmarterU LMS Automation: Delegate These 12 Tedious Tasks

The training admin’s job is never done … 

With hundreds of learners to manage, ensuring that each learner is registered for the right training can claim a significant — and tedious — chunk of a training admin’s time.

There are prerequisites to worry about, as well as annual requirements for recertification or to meet industry or legal regulations. In addition, all employees in a particular role might need the same training — on new product features or seasonal promotions, for example. Onboarding new hires is another potential headache.

Keeping track of who needs what training, whether they’re progressing or have completed it, and whose certifications are about to expire can keep a training admin up at night.

Why not let your LMS take care of it?

Your SmarterU LMS automates many of the essential — but time-consuming and tedious — tasks of learning administration:

1. Everyone hates passwords.

Close-up of a sign in screen.

Logging in to several systems and software packages over and over and remembering all those username-and-password pairs? Forget it. With SSO support for connecting from Windows, Google, Facebook, or third-party programs like Okta and OneLogin, admins and learners can sign in once — and get on with their work.

2. Auto-enroll learner groups.

Everyone on a work team or department or in the same job role needs the same training courses. Automatically enroll them. Once. That’s it; you can set up other features, like reminders, for the group too!

3. Manage prerequisites.

While auto-enrolling learners in classes saves time, what happens if they don’t have the prereqs? SmarterU has that covered too. Learners will automatically be guided to complete their prerequisites.

4. Schedule notifications.

Close-up of a smartphone resting on a keyboard. The phone's screen shows an alert for three new email messages.

Let learners know when they’ve been enrolled in a course or prerequisite and when they need to have it completed. Then schedule reminders. Once the reminders are set up for a group of learners, your SmarterU admins don’t have to worry about it again!

5. Re-enroll learners for annual training.

Some regulations require annual training or review of content. Certifications might expire or managers are legally obligated to complete specific compliance training. Whatever the training, enroll the learner once, set an expiration date — and SmarterU takes care of the rest. SmarterU can even re-enroll the learners when their annual refresher is due.

6. Manage webinars.

SmarterU is integrated with leading webinar platforms, including WebEX, GoToMeeting, GoToWebinar, and GoToTraining. And automatic enrollment extends to webinars, making it so easy to monitor capacity, keep a waiting list, check and record attendance and completion — and more. 

7. Secure your exams.

Close-up of a computer keyboard, focusing in on an altered key that shows a lock in a shield.

Ensure that the learners who should be taking a certification exam are the ones taking it. SmarterU’s integration with Integrity Advocate Proctoring adds automated exam proctoring to the list of tedious tasks you can offload to the LMS. Verify identity and monitor participation in online exams and training.

8. Learning plans make life easier.

SmarterU Enterprise plans add a learning plan feature that allows admins to create and assign a comprehensive learning curriculum to a group of learners — all members of a team, for example, or new hires. New managers always need the same seven courses? No problem; just assign them the new manager plan. Combining learning plans makes it easy for managers and admins to personalize training and deliver each learner the courses they need, without complicated or time-consuming enrollments.

9. Keep managers informed.

Managers want regular reports on their direct reports’ training progress. SmarterU lets you set up custom reports, which can be shared with specific people or made available to the learner. You can automate the entire process of gathering the data, creating reports, and delivering them each week to managers, executives, and other training administrators.

10. Ditch data entry.

Close-up of a spread sheet full of numbers. A blue pen is laying on top.

Your HRIS, your LMS, and other systems all store basic data on each employee. All need to be updated when employees are hired or leave the organization. Stop manually provisioning or de-provisioning these user records — use SmarterU’s automated user sync instead. An intelligent import function imports users and categorizes them into groups by job role or other characteristics. A learner can be in multiple groups, and admins can even track which learners belong to different divisions or organizations, such as resellers, distributors, or franchisees.

11. Educate your customers.

Extend automation to your E-commerce by creating users and enabling course access — SmarterU is integrated with leading platforms, including 1ShoppingCart, Magento, PayPal, and Shopify.

12. The sky’s the limit.

Need something else automated? Let your creative juices flow. Then, use SmarterU’s open API and webhooks to build the task. It’s easy; and SmarterU’s top-notch Customer Success team will help you get it done.

Automating routine training registrations is a great way to save time and reduce errors. Your SmarterU LMS can automate all of these tasks — and more. 

Call us today and find out how to delegate these 12 tedious tasks to your SmarterU LMS — and free your training admins to do the work that really matters!

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