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Jian runs a sanitation oversight and inspection service for food service workers. His employees are required to take annual training to remain certified. Normally, they attend a professional conference once a year or take instructor-led workshops at the central office.

With work transitioning to remote-only and bans on large gatherings, Jian is stuck. He has several dozen workers who need to recertify. He has no way of knowing how long it will be until he can schedule a workshop on site.

His instructors are frustrated, too. They have material prepared, with the latest updates for the inspectors. Yet the annual conference was canceled, and they can’t even present the material to workers at the office.

Turn PowerPoint into eLearning — instantly

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SmarterU has an immediate solution to Jian’s problem.

A SmarterU expert can upload the instructors’ materials into SmarterU and convert them into SCORM-compliant eLearning courses.  Best of all, Jian doesn’t need any special software or eLearning authoring or creation tools. SmarterU has everything he needs built in.  

If the instructor records a voice-over for each slide, SmarterU will import the narration along with the text.

SmarterU will:

  • Provide a learner dashboard where learners can enroll in and access training courses
  • Track learner participation, progress, and completions
  • Automatically remind learners to complete training
  • Issue certificates when learners have completed a training course or series of courses

Deliver your content to the target audience — remotely

Jian is not alone. Others face a similar need for training, paired with the frustration of canceled conferences, classes, and instructor-led training sessions. 

Postponement of face-to-face learning does not have to halt learning. You don’t need to choose between endangering your certification or licensing and risking workers’ safety during the pandemic. The SmarterU team is ready to help anyone with existing content quickly convert that content and deliver effective eLearning to their learners:

  • Professional associations can quickly move content for CEUs and recertification online, including tracking and testing learners
  • Event producers can move keynotes, breakout sessions, and specialized workshop content into eLearning courses and recorded webinars, all accessible via custom learner dashboards
  • Industries needing to ensure delivery and completion of compliance content to remain in operation can verify that training is delivered and that each learner has completed it and passed the exams 

Enhanced eLearning

Example of a SmarterU custom learner home page.

Uploading a set of PowerPoints and converting them to SCORM courses is a quick and efficient way to meet immediate training needs.

After Jian has deployed his initial training to learners, he wants to develop that basic eLearning into high-quality, engaging training. SmarterU is his partner here, too. Jian and his instructors can:

  • Build quizzes in SmarterU for each course
  • Add interactive elements, using add-on tools like iSpring.
  • Upload videos to enhance the course materials
  • Create a branded learner dashboard with a welcome video, a course library, and reference or supplementary materials
  • Build additional eLearning courses in a variety of formats and easily add them to the growing content library on SmarterU

With SmarterU, Jian can get his workers into training fast. He can add content, enhance the courses, and build a content library over time — and update the courses as the information changes.

All of Jian’s cloud-based content and his branded learner dashboard are accessible to licensed learners anywhere, anytime. Jian’s staff can connect from home and complete their required training before their recertification deadlines.

Your learners can also experience SmarterU’s instant training solution.

A magical transformation

See SmarterU work its magic with your own eyes. Schedule a call with an eLearning expert today, and we’ll plan the transformation of your PowerPoints into cloud-based SCORM-compliant eLearning courses.

Creating an account takes just minutes, and SmarterU can convert dozens of PowerPoints into eLearning courses in a matter of hours.  

Call our SmarterU experts now and solve your remote training problems — instantly.

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