Ease the Burden of Training Enrollments

Enrolling learners in the right training — and getting them to finish it — can claim a burdensome share of a training admin’s time.

Time that would be better spent improving course content, fixing problems, and generating the reports and charts that show managers how learners are progressing — and prove the value of training to execs.

SmarterU has a solution.

Automate enrollment

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Learners can enroll themselves in training, of course.

But sometimes an entire division or team needs the same training. It might be required for compliance with industry regulations, or all employees could be legally required to take it.

In those cases, it’s easier — and safer — for the admin to handle enrollments. That way, no one will “forget” to register.

With the SmarterU learning management system, you can create learner groups based on location, job role, or any other shared characteristic. A learner can be in more than one group.

Then, you can enroll all members of the group into a course automatically. If the course has a prerequisite, you can automatically enroll any members of the group who haven’t already taken it.

Best of all, learners will get an email notifying them of their enrollment.

If you set a deadline or a “due date” for learners to finish their online training, they will get additional reminders as that date draws near.

Automate reminders, too

We all know that learners love to procrastinate. Yet admins have too much on their plates to run after learners to get them to complete required training.

Your SmarterU LMS has that covered, too.

You can set up a schedule for reminders so that learners won’t forget to take their training or be able to claim they didn’t know the deadline. Reminders can be sent to the learners, to their managers, or to other users. A manager can easily see which direct reports still need to finish the training. 

In addition, learners can get an automated message when they complete a course or a certificate.

Learners can easily track their progress

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SmarterU also makes managing course enrollments easy for learners. They can tell at a glance which courses they are enrolled in, what they’ve completed, and what they still need to do.

Make training admin easier — with SmarterU

Stop chasing learners and spending your time managing eLearning enrollments and reminders. Instead, focus on the content and tasks that matter most.

Explore SmarterU LMS. Schedule an appointment with one of our team members today.

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