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Whether you're training your workforce, employees, members, volunteers, or your extended enterprise, a successful online training program is integral to achieving your performance goals.

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Your eLearning, your way

Give your learners access to unified, reliable online training available 24/7/365 that carries your brand’s message, look, and feel.

With our LMS, you can customize your logo, theme, login page, and URL to fit your brand standards. Easily create custom home pages and dashboards to personalize your learner’s experience in minutes.

When you add these details to your training, it leads to increased engagement and improved outcomes.

Use SmarterU LMS to deliver online courses, track progress metrics, and automate administrative tasks efficiently.

Our suite of LMS features gives your learners and administrative teams an exceptional experience. Take your online training to the next level with robust course creation, custom branding, full reporting, and ongoing support from our Success Desk®.

Make your eLearning experience a win for learners, managers, and everyone else at your organization.

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We're ready to show you how you can achieve your performance targets, business goals, and create a happier, more engaged workforce. It all starts with training, so talk to our learning solutions experts today!

Industry leaders recognize our commitment to our client's success

SmarterU is getting noticed for creating training software that's a joy to use! We're proud to receive recognition from these industry leaders for our dedication, attentiveness, and commitment to your success. Our business is helping your business succeed!

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Craig Weiss Group 2021 Platinum Pick Award
SmarterU LMS is a top 15 all-purpose learning system according to Talented Learning 2023 list by John Leh
Craig Weiss Group Customer Excellence Pledge badge
#19 of the top 20 Learning Management Systems in the world in 2023 according to The Craig Weiss Group
Training Industry 2022 Watchlist Learning Management System award
Crozdesk Trusted Vendor (High Market Presence) 2020 badge

LMS Solutions for Enterprise

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Corporate training that fits your enterprise

As your enterprise grows, it becomes increasingly important to keep all your departments and teams on the same page, allowing them to do their best work.

Stay in control of your training outcomes with our powerful LMS! SmarterU lets you deploy training modules, automate administrative tasks, measure employee improvements, and easily make data-driven business decisions. Our team is excited to be a part of your company’s growth!

By delivering training on our LMS, you can maintain consistency, set clear standards, and drive excellence.

Bring SmarterU into your training process to enhance employee performance, easily transition new team members into your corporate culture, and even educate your customers across many locations or divisions.

Deliver enterprise training with expert guidance!

Our LMS experts guide your training administrators to plan, configure, and deploy an engaging training program. We ensure that your learners have the tools required to help them do their jobs to the best of their abilities. It starts with a conversation with our learning solutions experts today!

LMS Solutions for Franchisors

A well-trained franchisee benefits your entire franchise

Make every one of your locations successful by investing in online training that ensures all franchisees understand your standards, policies, and procedures.

Front-line staff members are the face of your franchise, so all your franchisees must know how to help them reach their performance goals. Bridge the gap by offering your training online and ensuring every location follows the same standards no matter the distance from your head office.

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Keep every location within your franchise network up-to-date and maintain your brands high standards of excellence.

SmarterU’s online courses are updated in real-time so you can inform your franchisees about changes in corporate policy, new promotions, and more as it happens. Provide plan-o-grams, promote new marketing initiatives, and keep your standards consistent across your franchise network.

Give franchisees training that helps them excel!

Give franchisees the necessary knowledge to succeed in a constantly changing, increasingly competitive landscape. Whether your location count is ten or in the thousands, use our LMS to efficiently deliver training across your franchise network.

LMS Solutions for HR Managers & Trainers

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Support your HR team and help your trainers bring out the best in everyone!

Give your HR and training teams the LMS they need to help you get the most from your workforce.

Your HR and training administration teams are experts in areas your learners can improve. Give them the power to enroll learners into eLearning courses, monitor their progress, celebrate wins, and improve overall performance.

Empower your HR and corporate training teams by letting them monitor online training and assessment.

SmarterU comes with robust permission capabilities that let you choose the right people for the right jobs. HR and corporate training team members can assign training to your learners, report on enrollments, and even grade assignments within your LMS.

Create HR training that boosts the bottom-line!

Reduce costs, time spent, and efforts required administrating training! Deliver your courses on our learning platform that ties all aspects of training employees together in a tidy bundle. See how SmarterU can evolve training by meeting with an expert.

LMS Solutions for Associations

Engaged members make a more effective association

Bring your whole association together and give them easy access to all the information they need.

Centralize your association’s training modules to improve governance and ease the new member orientation process. If your association is multi-regional, let members from across locations interact with each other using SmarterU’s social learning and discussion forum features.

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Harness the power of online learning to keep all of your association’s chapters up-to-date.

Our LMS lets you update information in real-time, so every chapter in every location is aware of any new regulations immediately. If various regions come with different standards in your association, organize regional chapters into sub-accounts that only provide information that’s relevant to their location.

Ensure members have the knowledge they need!

Engage your members with eLearning that guides them through organizational changes, skill upgrades, and various policies. Dispense, assign, track, and monitor training with powerful automation to all who need it, no matter location or language. Discuss your training needs with our experts today.

LMS Solutions for Manufacturers

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Your workforce needs to stay on top of regulations; we can help with that

Quickly deliver standardized training to anyone, anywhere, anytime.

It’s crucial to keep your company up to standards with well-trained employees to meet regulations. With our LMS, you can create a central training repository for your whole company and ensure that employees in all locations have access to the same industry regulation. Additionally, you can add job aids to SmarterU’s knowledge base that your team can easily access while at their worksite.

Keep your team compliant and certified by putting our powerful automation features to work.

SmarterU LMS is an excellent option for practical compliance training. Our license management capabilities let your workers meet compliance standards for multiple agencies and locations. If any of your required certifications renew annually, workers can be automatically re-enrolled into their certification programs before they expire. As a result, everyone who needs to be certified stays certified.

Boost morale with manufacturing training!

Safe work leads to healthier teams, and empowered employees lead to increased job fulfillment! Give your manufacturing workforce – from the floor to senior management and everyone in between – what they need to be their best selves and do their best work.

LMS Solutions for Call Centers

Maximize the potential of every call agent with training on our LMS

Streamline the onboarding process so you can have as many agents on the phone as quickly as possible.

Provide effective training to many learners in a short amount of time. With a strong team of well-informed call agents in your corner, you can start delivering outstanding results to your center’s corporate clients. Additionally, SmarterU’s knowledge base feature lets your team quickly consult reference materials so they can answer unexpected questions on the fly.

A smiling customer service rep, sitting at a desk, with other reps shown blurred out in the background. He wears a grey-blue button-up shirt and a black headset.

Maintain your corporate clients’ standards in every call center.

With our LMS, give every center a central repository of client standards. With every location on the same page, customers can enjoy the same excellent service no matter who they reach. If your call center represents multiple corporations, training modules are easy to customize to fit every client’s service standards.

Upgrade customer service skills with online training!

Working in customer service-focused environments like call centers can be challenging. Reach your trainable frontline with cohesive eLearning courses that help them face these challenges head-on.

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Looking for a library of pre-built training courses?

We’ve got your business essentials covered with our video courses

Over 8,000 professionally produced video courses that are “ready-to-launch” that cover dozens of training topics and subject areas!

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"The platform is ideal for a small college like us — meets our needs and support is great. The support we receive is beyond amazing. 10+++++."

Angela D.
Drake Medox College

"Thank you all so much for an outstanding year of innovation, partnership, and support. SmarterU’s quality product and dedicated service has taken our company to a new level, and we’re certainly the better for it."

Daniel C.
Verisk Analytics

"We have been using the LMS for a number of years and appreciate the product/support and team members. In manufacturing, it is hard to find an LMS that addresses a team that may not have access to computers. SmarterU has addressed a lot of our needs."

Barbara H.
New Flyer Industries
Craig Weiss Group 2021 Platinum Pick Award
Craig Weiss Group Customer Excellence Pledge badge
#19 of the top 20 Learning Management Systems in the world in 2023 according to The Craig Weiss Group
Training Industry 2022 Watchlist Learning Management System award
SmarterU LMS is a top 15 all-purpose learning system according to Talented Learning 2023 list by John Leh