Look Beyond Features When Choosing LMS Vendor

Stellar Customer Support Is Critical to Your Success 

When you buy an LMS, you’re investing in the future — the future of your training program and your learners. You don’t buy an LMS every year or even every five years; this purchase marks the start of a long-term relationship.

You need an LMS that will meet and exceed your needs today and grow with your organization. Your LMS should make life easier for your training admins and provide a compelling learner experience (LX) for your employees. That’s why buying an LMS means entering into a partnership with the vendor. You rely on the vendor for ongoing support, upgrades, and a product that evolves and grows as eLearning technology and best-practices advance.

Choosing an LMS platform with the right features is critical. And it’s equally important to choose a vendor with a stellar customer support team and a record of continuous improvement of the platform. 

A successful LMS launch and outstanding results from your training program depend in part on your relationship with your vendor and their support team. The vendor’s client support team should be flexible, committed, and responsive to your needs and able to help you maximize your return on your investment in a training program. 

Choosing an LMS vendor launches a long-term partnership.

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 Your LMS support team should:

  • Provide a dedicated support manager who knows your organization and goals intimately
  • Guide you through a successful implementation
  • Ensure the smooth migration of your existing courses and learning data
  • Supply focused, personalized training for your training administrators
  • Quickly respond when you get stuck or encounter a problem
  • Efficiently resolve issues
  • Proactively enhance the LMS platform with new features and functionality
  • Collaborate with you to develop new features that your learners and admins need

… and much more.

When choosing an LMS platform, spend some time investigating your vendor — and be sure to ask about support. Better yet, take a look at what the vendor’s existing customers have to say.

The SmarterU Client Success Team Is There for You

With SmarterU, you’ll receive all the expert services you need for a successful implementation and launch.  Our Client Success Team is with you every step of the way, assisting with or conducting: 

  • Data migration from your existing LMS
  • Data sync with your HRIS, talent management, and other systems
  • SSO set-up and implementation
  • SmarterU Academy courses for initial admin training
  • Individualized, hands-on training for your administrators, with always-available online learning and ongoing support 
  • Branding and configuration of the SmarterU platform
  • Creating and implementing a roll-out plan, including pilot testing, communications

… and more.

Support Doesn’t End with the Launch

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Our Client Success Team sees its role as more than that of a vendor; we will be your partner and guide throughout the implementation and rollout — and for as long as you’re using SmarterU. Your dedicated support team will understand your needs and will work with you to create and implement the best learning strategy for your organization. 

After launch, our relationship moves into a new phase, where we focus on providing you with ongoing support through routine use, service upgrades, and enhancements to the SmarterU platform. 

In this phase, implementation support shifts to account management, and a dedicated manager oversees all technical and administrative issues. In regular meetings, we’ll discuss your growth and future plans so we can guide you in getting the most out of your SmarterU platform. We will routinely ask for feedback and use your input to improve our platform and prioritize development of new features.

You can always reach your Client Success Team by phone, email, and chat. During business hours, you’ll get a response within 30 minutes, and of course emergency support is available at any time. We’ll make sure your issues are resolved quickly and to your satisfaction. Rave reviews from customers call our service “exceptional” and find that it exceeds their expectations.

Find out what they mean! Contact a SmarterU expert today, and launch a long-term relationship that will benefit your learners, your training admins, and your organization.

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