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Create, manage, deploy, and measure training on an LMS with a superior learner experience that engages and empowers all people within your organization to achieve their goals.

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Trusted as a powerhouse LMS — because we care about our clients.
#19 of the top 20 Learning Management Systems in the world in 2023 according to The Craig Weiss Group
Craig Weiss Group Customer Excellence Pledge badge
SmarterU LMS is a top 15 all-purpose learning system according to Talented Learning 2023 list by John Leh

Find your perfect online training solution

SmarterU LMS can support the diverse needs of all your learners – whether they are employees, members, volunteers, or clients.

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Level up your employees with effective training

Our LMS keeps your team productive and fosters employee retention

Make “first-day jitters” a thing of the past by helping new hires be productive right from day one.

Our learner-focused LMS makes onboarding a breeze with customized learner dashboards that let them find the training they need when they need it.

For your current employees, room to expand their skills and learn new ones boosts their confidence while letting them stay current with organizational procedures leading to increased morale.

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Training that engages everyone in your association

Reach out to every member across multiple locations with our LMS

Maximize member engagement by fostering interaction between individuals, branches, or divisions no matter their location.

Our multilingual social learning and team management features bring members from across the globe together, while elevated permissions let association directors take charge of their own teams.

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Volunteers that show up ready to help

Let your volunteers make an immediate impact by training them ahead of time

When you depend on volunteers, getting everyone with varying commitment levels equally trained can be a challenge. Onsite training can be interrupted by other priorities, so why not train your volunteers online?

Give your volunteers a well-organized repository of courses, reference guides, and discussion forums while decreasing turnover by letting your online training set expectations.

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Bring all stakeholders into the loop

Extend your training to your entire enterprise to stay ahead of the game

Our LMS features are flexible, letting you configure your learning environment to your whole enterprise.

All stakeholders can access training, and reports can be sent to anyone who needs them. Use our built-in Reports Dashboard to gain insights and push data-driven initiatives forward. We can also integrate business intelligence tools to make informed decisions backed up with data.

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Reach your training goals with our LMS platform

Your journey to improved training outcomes at your organization starts with our fully-featured LMS!

Get a powerful LMS with a fantastic learner experience, awesome administrator benefits, and amazing support – book your SmarterU LMS demo with our learning solutions experts, today!

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A learner experience that empowers

Show your employees you care with training offered on an LMS that puts their needs first.

Start increasing productivity, improving onboarding, enhancing your compliance training, or creating a safer working environment, today! Training provided with our LMS gives your learners the knowledge they need leading to more fulfilling careers, reducing staff turnover, new opportunities, and happier employees.

The Learner Experience

We're with you on your training journey

We’re more than just an LMS, we build personalized, successful relationships with our clients.

Whether you’re just starting your LMS implementation process or a long-time SmarterU client, the world’s most responsive client success team — our Success Desk® — is in your corner. We’ll guide you and your organization to a successful training program launch and help you make the most of SmarterU with our extensive administrator training programs and services.

Implementation & Support
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We're ready to tailor an LMS solution for you!

When learning solutions are tailored to your business, they just fit better! Contact our experts for a free, personalized, no-obligation LMS demo when you're ready to start the conversation.

Manage your training your way with our LMS

With SmarterU, you can shape each aspect of our training platform to match your business needs. With total control at your fingertips, our LMS fits seamlessly into your learning ecosystem.

Manage all team members at every level

With detailed account levels and flexible permissions, all employees can have their role defined in our LMS.

Create rapid training content

Quickly build training modules using our integrated course builder, including engaging content that keeps learners motivated.

Easily upload xAPI and SCORM courses

Produce professional-looking courses through PowerPoint or SCORM, and upload to our LMS for one-click launching.

Enroll learners through automation

With options from self-directed learning to our powerful enrollment engine, we make enrolling your learners into the training they need a cinch.

All your operational needs are covered

Extendable features that let you manage all parts of your growing organization, including training costs, instructor delegation, course surveys, and more!

Forgetting becomes a thing of the past

Scheduled reminders help keep your training initiatives on your employees’ minds. Send timely, customizable, branded emails to everyone at your organization.

Take our LMS feature tour

We have all the information you need to start making your LMS-buying decisions! Our feature tour clearly highlights what you can expect when selecting SmarterU as your LMS.

Intuitive administration driven by over fifteen years of client input

We built our LMS features based on years of client feedback. Therefore, we know that SmarterU is expertly designed to provide users like you with the powerful, intuitive administrative experience you want.

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Aligned to your corporate brand

Your employees will feel right at home with your business' logo, branded images and video, and messaging sprinkled throughout.

Customize workflow to your learners

Streamline your learner experience with custom pages, so your learners can access what they need to level up their knowledge.

Build logical learning plans

Combine courses, actions, and requirements into a singular package that provides learners with everything they need to earn their certifications.

Engage your learners with gamification

Socialize your training with gamification elements like leaderboards, points, rewards, and online discussions with peers.

Real-time reports and analytics

Keep an eye on your training progression using at-a-glance charts and data that keys into performance targets

Centralize organizational knowledge

Your LMS becomes an information source with a knowledge base that contains crucial files and wiki-style articles.

Extend abilities to other team members

Match your organizational structure to your managers and supervisors, allowing them to perform their duties in the LMS.

Prove knowledge gains with testing

Create, proctor, and grade quizzes and exams with features that include time limits, randomization, and automation.

Evaluate training with in-app surveys

Drag n' drop widgets to create forms and surveys that let learners give feedback on training.

Clients love working with us!

We’re confident that we’ll provide you with an excellent solution, but don’t just take our word for it. Hear from a few of the organizations that have found success with SmarterU.

The key difference in our minds is the teamwork and partnership we have with SmarterU …

We recommend SmarterU and Neovation to anyone wanting to have an LMS provided by a company that respects you and treats you as family and not a customer.

Anthony S.
InMotion Entertainment
Client since 2017

"SmarterU makes the training convenient for the student, and keeping a record or certification is easy to process for the admin."

Edwin C.
City of Philadelphia

"It's a great learning management system that offers insightful and meaningful courses to enhance the quality of employees roles within the organization. Your admin team is fantastic!!"

Luisa P.
CWB National Leasing

"It's been an awesome, awesome experience over the last 2 years ... The Admin Services team demonstrates to me that, even if i am one of thousands of clients, I'm getting a very personal experience, as if I was the only client. I don't think that I can say that I've ever had a similar experience with other providers. It's really top-notch!"

Cal R.
Sunwing Travel Group
You have a ton of LMS options out there, and picking the right one can be daunting. Our Learning Solutions Experts understand this — let us help you accelerate your search!
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Craig Weiss Group 2021 Platinum Pick Award
Craig Weiss Group Customer Excellence Pledge badge
#19 of the top 20 Learning Management Systems in the world in 2023 according to The Craig Weiss Group
Training Industry 2022 Watchlist Learning Management System award
SmarterU LMS is a top 15 all-purpose learning system according to Talented Learning 2023 list by John Leh