Brexit: What’s the Impact on Training?

Legislative changes can drive changes in how we administer, deliver and measure corporate training.

We’ve seen this most recently with the DOJ ruling on compliance training as a provable, measurable mechanism to increase accountability, knowledge retention and overall training compliance.

What could be bigger than this kind of legislation? 

Can you say Brexit?

A group of small, overlapping newspaper clippings which all say "Brexit".

This is a milestone event in British history and has a wide impact on how companies on both sides of the breakup will deal with each other in terms of standards of qualification, privacy legislation and worker migration.

I recently exchanged emails with one of our British-based Association clients and asked what, if any, impact he thought Brexit would have on their training programs. 

Our client, LEEA, the Lifting Equipment Engineers Association, is a worldwide trade association for all those involved in the lifting industry. Their members/member companies work in every aspect of the lifting industry, from design, manufacture, refurbishment and repair, through to the hire, maintenance and use of lifting equipment — which includes essentially  “anything that moves up and down.” They administer training and monitor compliance standards to an entire industry sector as the certifying body for safety legislation in the EU. 

Here is a summary of some of his comments. 

Thoughts on Brexit & corporate training


Nobody knows what the impact of Brexit will be on our membership, and we have been working hard to get answers to most questions. We have some idea of what will happen in terms of compliance of products in the event of a no-deal Brexit. This is all about the impact on standards and our Association’s membership and influence on standards committees post-Brexit. 


We are working with peer organizations across the world to build and improve standards in lifting safety, and we expect that will continue through Brexit and beyond. Our membership continues to grow, although our overall membership spread has always been lighter in Europe (UK excluded, of course), as there are a number of smaller organizations and groups in Europe (at country or region level) also working on lifting safety. … As for those members that are in the EU – we simply don’t know yet, but we will work with all concerned to support our members in every way possible as change happens.

Updating training materials

With training impact, we may have to amend our materials and provide updates to those holding LEEA qualifications, should standards change – although the UK and EU standards will continue to be aligned and remain in place for at least a transition period through 2020. 

If necessary, we can use our LMS platform to deliver short briefings and training updates, and we would, of course, have to amend our master training materials to reflect any changes to standards, including in their numbers and titles.


Much of this is conjecture and opinion until a firm outcome on the Brexit dilemma is reached – so it could easily all change!

What all of this means for training professionals …

Woman with dark hair and glasses wearing a light orange shirt looks intently at her laptop screen.

Being able to create, update and deploy new training via a reliable LMS system to members around the world — and specifically to both their UK and EU clients — in this time of uncertainty and turmoil helps LEEA deliver value to their members. 

LEEA is just one example of an organization that will be watching closely to see how Brexit affects their operations — and their training. Being able to modify and assign training to specific countries, groups, job descriptions or other subgroups will ensure that the right training gets to the right people. This ensures that organizations can both maintain maximum safety standards and comply with laws and regulations. As Brexit leads to changes in laws and regulations, we’ll be helping our clients who work in the EU and UK ensure that their LMS and training content stay up-to-date.

We wish our clients and friends in the UK and the EU well as you collectively manage the impact of Brexit on your training initiatives. 

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