What separates us from the competition?

SmarterU is an LMS that focuses on your needs

We’ll never try to “fit a round peg into a square hole” by pushing a system on your organization. We strive to work with you to craft an LMS experience that improves your training outcomes and seamlessly integrates with your whole eLearning ecosystem.

You’ve never experienced this level of care

Our dedicated, highly-responsive team looks forward to working with you, whether you’re a new or long-time client

We establish personal relationships with all of our clients. Therefore, we understand your training goals and LMS needs in detail. Whether you’re new to SmarterU or a long-term client, every customer service experience is tailor-made just for you!

Illustration of a cheerful man wearing a headset and microphone on a monitor. Other figures are surrounding the monitor: one is holding a large yellow envelope above their head; one holds a question mark; one is looking at a smartphone in their hand; and one person is sitting on the top-right edge of the monitor, looking at a laptop. Below the illustration, the SmarterU support response times are listed: 40-minute median response time for Standard Support, and 25-minute median response time for Premium Support.
Learning solutions experts

Our dedicated team of learning solutions experts is ready to work with your schedule to help you pick the right LMS.

Dedicated to your success

We will always be the ones who take the initiative to check in to make sure our LMS is everything you wanted!

Amazing support

Our Success Desk™ team takes the time to get to the root of your inquiry and find a perfect solution for your specific needs.

Professionally-crafted courses

Need course content in a hurry? Our instructional designers will build courses based on your training materials.

We're here to help, every step of the way

We know we have what it takes to overcome your training challenges. Read some of our success stories to see how we’ve done so for others.

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Empower employees and experience an excellent ROI with well-trained staff

Invest in your employees by giving them online training that works

See why you should pick SmarterU LMS

Read testimonials from our LMS clients for proof that an investment in training on our platform leads to more productive employees and better results.

We can serve your entire digital learning ecosystem

We know that your digital learning ecosystem extends beyond your LMS. For that reason, our team is prepared to work with everything that makes your training environment great.

A seamless LMS experience

We know that your digital learning ecosystem extends beyond your LMS. We can integrate with your other software applications and third-party data for use with SmarterU.

Supporting your whole environment

We’ll help you identify other tools and opportunities to explore within your learning ecosystem, saving you time having to go back and forth with other vendors.

Extended across your entire enterprise

Bring in all your stakeholders by sharing reports, training, knowledge base files, and more with any email address whether they’re a SmarterU LMS user or not.

SmarterU Essentials

Save time and energy on course creation or supplement your training course catalog with our professionally-made, video courses from SmarterU Essentials.

SmarterU Academy

Your training administration team can become SmarterU Certified through our series of eLearning modules that cover all aspects of our LMS.

Course Creation Services

Our custom course creation division, Flare Learning, will take your training material and transform it into beautiful, interactive training modules.

Learner Experience

Empower your employees, increase engagement, improve training outcomes, and achieve business goals with a powerful LMS that puts learners first.

Amazing Customer Support

We provide unlimited access to our Success Desk so that all your training administrators can receive personalized assistance directly.

Business-savvy Implementation

Our experienced, business-savvy team will implement the perfect LMS for your organization's eLearning ecosystem, and get it right the first time!

Managed LMS Services
If your internal administrator is unavailable for any reason, we can operate as your account lead administrator on a temporary or permanent basis.
Neovation Learning Solutions

Searching for more than an LMS? Visit Neovation to learn more about our holistic approach to digital learning.

Industry leaders recognize our commitment to our clients' success

SmarterU is getting noticed for creating training software that's a joy to use! We're proud to receive recognition from these industry leaders for our dedication, attentiveness, and commitment to your success. Our business is helping your business succeed!

Craig Weiss Group 2021 Platinum Pick Award
Top 20 Extended Enterprise LMS 2019 Award
Craig Weiss Group Customer Excellence Pledge badge
#19 of the top 20 Learning Management Systems in the world in 2023 according to The Craig Weiss Group
Training Industry 2022 Watchlist Learning Management System award
Crozdesk Trusted Vendor (High Market Presence) 2020 badge

Take your eLearning to the next level

With SmarterU LMS, these organizations built success through training, so why not join them? Talk to our learning solutions experts today.

"The software is responsive and reliable just like the people who support it!"

Mikael D.
Corus Entertainment Inc.

"The customer service is amazing, and people that we have dealt with have been very accommodating."

Ryan R.

"Very quick responses and friendly service. The tools are excellent and are constantly evolving."

Marc L.
The Achievement Centre
Every one of our Neovites strives to anticipate your needs and give you a great experience — let us help you achieve more success with your digital training delivery!
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Learning solutions experts ready to help!

We’re with you each step of the way as we build a relationship and share in the success of your training program!

Industry-leading LMS support!

We get back to you with practical responses that let you move your day forward — in 30 minutes or less.

Schedule a personalized, no-obligation LMS demo!

When you're ready, start the conversation with one of SmarterU's learning solutions experts! We'll help you find the best way forward with training that empowers your employees and achieves your business goals!

Craig Weiss Group 2021 Platinum Pick Award
Craig Weiss Group Customer Excellence Pledge badge
#19 of the top 20 Learning Management Systems in the world in 2023 according to The Craig Weiss Group
Training Industry 2022 Watchlist Learning Management System award
Crozdesk Trusted Vendor (High Market Presence) 2020 badge