LMS Integrations Improve Learner Experience

Nearly all employees have encountered an LMS in their work and learning experiences. The learning management system is the focal point of the learner experience (LX). It houses eLearning courses and quizzes and tracks learner enrollments, engagement, and progress. Learners interact with the LMS any time they have a question, engage with training, or seek out recommended content or collaborative learning with colleagues. 

Leveraging your LMS to link elements of your learning ecosystem can create a more integrated and much-improved learner experience.

Learning is more than LMS courses

Conventional eLearning courses, delivered by the LMS, used to dominate corporate training. No more! Learners engage with eLearning in a number of ways — they use microlearning on their mobile devices, participate in webinars, attend instructor-led workshops onsite and off. They seek information and answers online, from colleagues, and from members of their extended networks.

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Your LMS can be part of this growing world of training options. It can:

… And empower learners to seamlessly access them all.

In short, LMS integration can provide a coherent LX by enabling learners to sign in once and access information about eLearning, mobile learning apps, instructor-led options, and social and collaborative learning. It can ensure that their training records, including badges and certifications, are always up to date, no matter where a learning activity took place.

An integrated learning experience

In addition to the library of eLearning courses residing on the LMS, learners should be able to enjoy:

  • Single Sign-On — Enable learners to access all of their learning platforms and activities without having to remember multiple usernames and passwords.
  • A mobile app — Empower your learners to access their training modules and content from anywhere at any time.
  • Microlearning — Go beyond once-and-done training by adding a microlearning app that uses spaced repetition to partner with your LMS in building long-term knowledge retention.
  • Virtual classroom platforms — Integration with a webinar or virtual classroom platform like WebEx or GoToTraining makes it easy for learners to attend synchronous training while working remotely or benefit from instruction from experts located anywhere in the world.

SmarterU LMS provides all of these integrations — and more!

Integrate your LX with SmarterU

Talk to a SmarterU expert today about leveraging SmarterU integrations — and invigorating your learner experience!

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