Employee Experience Starts in Your LMS

The biggest trend in talent recruiting and retention is an emphasis on employee experience (EX). 

The 2020 LinkedIn Global Talent Trends report found that 94% of talent professionals are focusing on improving EX in 2020. 

A 2019 report from Deloitte concurs: “One of the biggest challenges we identified this year is the need to improve what is often called the ‘employee experience,’ ” with 84% of their respondents rating it urgent or important.

Boost EX with training

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Training is a huge factor in creating a positive employee experience.

According to the Deloitte report, employee dissatisfaction stems from feelings that workers lack autonomy to make decisions, lack opportunities for internal mobility or to take on new challenges at work, and lack adequate tools or technology to excel at their work. Only 43% of Deloitte respondents felt that their organizations provided workers “the right opportunities for growth” — including on-the-job training opportunities.

The report’s authors conclude that “understanding and deriving meaning” from their work is essential to positive employee experience.

Training can change all of that. 

LinkedIn’s 2019 Workplace Learning Report found that employees who had frequent opportunities to learn at work were “more likely to know where they want to go in their career” (74%) and “more likely to have found purpose in their work” (48%).

Start with your LMS

That’s why your LMS is a great place to start looking at how your employee experience measures up.

SmarterU provides the great learner experience that leads to a positive EX with features like:

  • Customized learner home pages
  • Customized navigation with the ability to link to external resources
  • Easy access to course libraries
  • At-a-glance summary of enrollments and status
  • Knowledge base for quick reference
  • Reminders about due dates, upcoming training, and course completions
  • Single sign-on for quick login
  • Opportunities for learners to provide feedback on their learning experience
  • … And much more

Talk to a SmarterU expert today and provide your employees the experience they need to grow and succeed.

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