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The Learner Experience

Your teams and employees are the core of your organization. Empower them to achieve more. Start them on the path to success with an LMS that offers a fantastic learner experience.

Bring the ideal learning experience to your team

Your LMS is there to help your learners learn. So, why not choose a platform that helps them make the most of their training journey?

Your learner’s journey should be nothing less than the best, from login to course launch to training completion. At SmarterU, we want to help your learners access and absorb the training content they need by providing them with a seamless, intuitive LMS experience.

Customize every step of their journey, helping your organization launch the perfectly tailored eLearning program of your dreams.

A fictitious learner facing forward and smiling with his arms crossed in front of a blue background. There are four mock user interfaces on his left side, a leaderboard, a completion certificate, a learning plan, and a course catalog. On his right side, there is a user interface mock up of his learner summary.

Give your learners seamless access to training

Every learner’s journey begins when they login

Let learners spend more time learning and less time figuring out how to access their training in your LMS.

Maximize training time and minimize headaches

Let your learners get straight to what matters, thanks to SmarterU’s friction-free login.

Your team should spend their training hours on training, not fighting a complex login process. So, we made SmarterU’s login as friction-free as it can be.

Some of the key features available to help your learners make the most of their training hours include:

  • Brandable login portals and sub-account configuration
  • Single Sign-on (SSO) for one-click access
  • Simple password resets by learner or training administrators

Learn more about our intuitive login features below!

SmarterU learner logging into her organization’s LMS on a laptop.
Provide a friction-free login experience...

Single Sign-on (SSO)

SmarterU’s SSO feature lets your learners access your LMS without needing to log on. We work with identity management systems like Okta or Azure, so your learners don’t need to remember an additional username and password.

Learner using single sign-on to log in to SmarterU from a laptop. The Google, Microsoft Active Directory, and Okta logos are stacked in the lower right corner.

Automatic user provisioning

Your learners can start their training immediately without waiting for an administrator to add them to your LMS. SmarterU supports automatic user provisioning that instantly assigns new learners to their appropriate sub-accounts and training.

A flowchart demonstrating user provisioning by showing several learners’ faces connecting to their login windows followed by their organization’s LMS homepage.

Branded login portals

Your learners will know they’re in the right place because SmarterU lets you customize your login portal to fit your brand standards. Add your colors, logo, name, and customize your URL to make your LMS your own.

An illustration of a laptop screen showing a branded login portal with two fictitious LMS users looking at the screen and one sitting down and logging in.

Multiple sub-accounts

If you have multiple sub-accounts in your LMS, you can customize each sub-account’s login portal individually to differentiate it from your primary account. These login portals can also vary by language or allow learners to select their preferred language.

Three examples of branded sub-account portals alongside two icons; one is a speech bubble, and one that represents multilingual capabilities.

Seamless deep linking

When you send your learners a link to a specific course or page, SmarterU LMS will automatically redirect them to that page after they log in. This way, they can instantly access the training they need instead of searching for it.

An illustration of a rocket ship exploring “deep space” with planets that have link icons on them.

Easy password resets

We made our password reset process straightforward and hassle-free. Your learners can quickly change their login credentials without administrator support.

Alternatively, a trusted supervisor can perform password resets if the learner cannot easily access an email address.

A learner struggling to reset her password and her supervisor who is resetting it for her.

Let your learners begin their friction-free LMS journey

Log your learners in to the SmarterU experience and see how quickly their knowledge grows. Talk to our learning solution experts today.

The learners’ journey is about more than just content

A learner-first LMS environment

Your eLearning program should be about more than completing courses. It should be a positive experience with an engaging, intuitive learning environment.

Two fictitious learners facing forward and smiling with their arms crossed on a light orange background surrounded icons representing the following concepts.

The LMS environment your courses deserve

With SmarterU LMS, you can efficiently deliver your content on an intuitive platform that enhances the learning experience.

Your learners will benefit from SmarterU's outstanding learner experience as they progress through their training. We deliver on that promise by:

  • Organizing training material into learning plans and knowledge bases.
  • Engaging your learners with gamification and social discussion forums.
  • Giving you the ability to create perfectly tailored custom pages and menus that provide your learners direct access to all of these features.
Deliver a fantastic learner experience...

A tailor-made experience for every learner

Give your learners a unique training experience with navigation menus and landing pages tailored to their needs.

Every learner plays a different role in your organization, and work experience levels vary. For this reason, SmarterU lets you create additional learner interfaces that cater to the specific needs of each learner.

Some of the elements you can add to your custom pages include:

  • Videos showing how to use a tool, perform a necessary process, or detailed procedures
  • Quick links to courses that your learners need to prioritize
  • Event reminders for upcoming due dates, sessions, or organizational events
  • Many other configurable drag n' drop elements to build the ideal learning environment for your learners

Place any of these elements on your learners’ landing pages or menus to expedite their access to them. Additionally, you can include multiple languages in your training environment that vary between learners based on location or language preferences.

A mock user interface demonstrating a learner’s custom homepage, navigation menu, and competitive leaderboard.

Training content with learner-centric delivery

Your learners can make the most of their training time with easy-to-launch instructor-led training and online courses that automatically bookmark their progress.

Give your learners rich, informative content, uploaded as a SCORM/xAPI file or built with our integrated course builder. In SmarterU-built courses, you can include interactive features such as knowledge checks and video slides. Your learners can finish their training across multiple sessions because our LMS’s automatic bookmarking feature always saves their place.

Support your remote learners by providing instructor-led webinars that they can launch in just one click. If you offer in-person training, your learners can register and track the sessions they signed up for within SmarterU. Make session selection convenient by attaching venue information to your scheduled sessions, letting your learners see which ones are taking place nearby.

A mock user interface demonstrating a learner’s course catalog beside a stacked image depicting online, SCORM, and instructor-led courses.

Reusable training plans with all of your certification program’s requirements

Create and assign learning plans to make it clear to your learners what training they must complete and when.

Chances are, what you expect from your learners varies depending upon the role they play at your organization. You may have to spend a lot of time designating which courses and action items each learner needs to prepare for or advance their role.

SmarterU LMS streamlines this process by letting you compile everything each learner needs into one learning plan. This feature reduces time spent manually assigning training and saves your learners from uncertainty regarding their training requirements and where to find them.

A fictitious learner using a laptop to navigate his learning plan and self-register for an instructor-led training session.

Organize all of your training resources in one centralized location

Complement your training with additional resources and let your learners access them within your LMS.

Many organizations have a wealth of resources to help their team members learn. You can help your learners avoid the challenge of having to search many different locations to find the training material they’re looking for, thanks to knowledge bases in SmarterU.

Your learners will find the resources they need right when they need them. Upload all of your training resources, job aids, and more into your LMS and watch how easy it is for learners to find what they need with a search interface that scans content, not just titles.

A mock user interface demonstrating SmarterU’s knowledge base catalog and search bar.

Gamify your learning and get your learners more engaged

With gamification elements like points and leaderboards, you provide incentives and encourage learners to keep learning.

Gamification harnesses the powers of social engagement, recognition, and the satisfaction derived from “winning” to keep your learners motivated. When you add this element to your training modules, you’re adding a source of extrinsic motivation that can get your learners more enthusiastic and driven to train in a friendly competition against their peers.

With SmarterU LMS, you can reward your learners for learning. Here’s how:

  • They can earn points for completing training
  • They can see their score and compare it to others on a competitive leaderboard
  • They can redeem their points for prizes from your store
Two mock user interfaces beside each other. One shows a competitive leaderboard, and the other shows a series of charts representing learners earning points for training completion.

Empower learners to learn from each other

Embrace the power of social learning by adding discussion forums to your LMS environment.

Your LMS provides a wealth of knowledge and resources, but did you know that your learners can be valuable knowledge resources for one another? With SmarterU, you can build and monitor discussion forums to let your learners discuss ideas and topics related to their training.

Course instructors can also participate in forums so that your learners can have their questions answered quickly. Learners can subscribe to them to be notified whenever there is a new comment.

With discussion forums, introduce social learning that can be:

  • Course-specific
  • Allow general organization-wide discussions
  • Used to enhance gamification with a competitive or collaborative discussion between team members
  • Used for anything else that you can imagine
A fictitious LMS user with a speech bubble icon beside a mock discussion forum and an image of SmarterU’s forum subscription button.

Choose an LMS that puts your learners first

Drive learner performance with an LMS that puts them first. Talk to our learning solutions experts to find out how.

Easy-to-navigate training for all learners

Help your learners stay organized while training

Training content is the core of your learners’ LMS experience. Use SmarterU to organize the learning content that your team needs and help keep them on track with automatic notifications.

Two fictitious learners facing forward and smiling, one with his arms crossed and the other with her index finger and thumb on her chin on a light blue background surrounded icons representing the following concepts.

Keep your learners focused on training goals

Our intuitive LMS interface means more time completing courses and less time searching for what to do next.

Adding all of your training content into an LMS is a great way to keep everything in one place. However, your content needs to be well-organized to let learners stay focused on absorbing your training material instead of searching for what they need.

Learners will be able to access their training in multiple ways with SmarterU LMS. They will be able to see what you require at a glance, receive notifications of key dates, and track all aspects of their learning journey.

Easy training navigation for learners...

Course catalog

Give your learners an at-a-glance overview of available courses in grid or list format. They can also filter and search their catalog by course types, dates, names, topics, tags, locations, and more to instantly find courses of interest.

Two mock user interfaces representing SmarterU’s two course catalog view options.

Course calendar

Your learners can plan their daily, weekly, and monthly training objectives with SmarterU’s course calendar. They can see all of their training sessions and course due dates in a fully searchable, familiar calendar format. From there, they can drill into calendar entries for more details on an upcoming session.

A mockup of SmarterU’s course calendar with an alarm clock icon above and an hourglass icon below.

Waiting lists

SmarterU LMS lets you add waiting lists to your instructor-led training (ILT) sessions and webinars. Learners may self-register for multiple waiting lists or move themselves off to join a different session. Additionally, they will be automatically notified if they are enrolled in a session they were waiting for.

Two mock user interfaces, one that represents a waiting list and the other depicting a catalog of upcoming instructor-led sessions.


Your learners have a lot on their plates. They need to balance productivity at work while keeping up with required training. To help keep them organized, SmarterU LMS sends them automatic notifications before their sessions and due dates.

An illustration of a laptop with a pop-up email message screen and three mail icons; the uppermost one is high priority, the middle one is moderate priority, and the bottom one is low priority.

Record external training

No matter where your learners learn, SmarterU can track it. Whenever they complete training outside of your LMS, learners can submit external courses to your LMS environment for inclusion on their transcript.

An illustration of an office tower with a graph icon and a shopping cart icon on the right side and a warehouse icon with a speech bubble asking for an address, venue name, and capacity limit on the left side.

Course Enrollments

There's an enrollment option for any type of training that your learners need. Confidently enroll your batches of learners into the right courses.


Automatically enroll learners from a specific group into courses into the course.


Encourage self-directed learning by allowing your learners to self-enroll into courses of their choice.

Enrollment Upon Purchase

If you sell courses, your learners will automatically be enrolled in their purchased training.

Let your learners navigate their training with ease

Talk to a learning solutions expert to simplify how your learners find, launch and enroll in their training.

The learner experience beyond course completion

Your LMS can handle your post-training activities

Celebrate your learners’ achievements, let them give insightful feedback, and provide performance support with training modules they can return to any time.

Post-training activities for learners...

Celebrate success with certificates worth framing!

Customize beautiful completion certificates unique to your organization that are automatically sent to recipients.

Your learners will love being able to show off their training achievements. You can design the perfect completion certificate for every course and module by adding your branding and any information you want.

SmarterU's printable PDF certificates are:

  • Automatically delivered to recipients upon completion
  • Downloadable upon course completion and in the future
Four fully customized completion certificates from four different organizations.

Your learners’ feedback is valuable; let it be heard!

Gain valuable insights from your learners on your training programs.

Build course evaluation surveys with SmarterU’s integrated form builder or attach a survey created using another tool, such as Typeform or SurveyMonkey, to your courses.

You can use the feedback you gathered to enhance future content while showing your learners that you care about their opinions.

A fictitious learner on his laptop looking towards his right where there is a mock user interface of a post-course evaluation survey.

Let your learners review what they’ve learned

Support continuous learning with an LMS that lets your learners review training content anytime.

Training is more than just an item that learners should be checking off their to-do. Encourage your learners to use your content as performance support long after their courses are complete.

When the training content in your LMS doubles as a job aid, you can trust that your team always has access to curated, accurate information directly from the source.

A fictitious learner is looking at his completed courses on a laptop screen with an image of SmarterU’s activity log in the lower lefthand corner.

Learners who need to be certified stay certified

SmarterU LMS helps you keep your learners certified with automated re-enrollments that occur before their certifications expire.

Your organization may have to follow strict regulatory requirements. Make sure your learners can quickly renew their certifications before heading to the job, thanks to SmarterU’s automatic re-enrollments.

When your learner’s certifications are near expiration, they’ll be re-enrolled in their required training. As a result, you save time sending reminders to your team, and they stay certified and current with any policy changes.

Three mock user interfaces stacked on the lefthand side; the top one depicts a learner registering for an instructor-led session, the middle represents a course catalog, and the bottom shows a prompt to upload a file. The righthand side shows a fictitious learner standing and looking forward while holding a closed laptop at his side.

Level up your learners’ LMS experience

Take your learners to the next level of their journey by talking to our learning solutions experts today.

Learners love training on SmarterU LMS!

We’re confident that your learners will rejoice if you offer their training using our LMS. Hear from a few of the organizations that have found success with SmarterU.

SmarterU gave us great customer support throughout our setup process. While working with several representatives to build our training courses, they were all extremely accommodating to our changing needs.

All staff members I have encountered have been kind and respectful, and overall I have had a very pleasant experience working with the SmarterU team.

Rachelle B.
Client since 2016

"SmarterU makes the training convenient for the student, and keeping a record or certification is easy to process for the admin."

Edwin C.
City of Philadelphia
Client since 2016

"SmarterU is a lot more user-friendly than other LMS’s I had used before. I also appreciate the prompt help I always receive when I have questions. Their support system is awesome!"

Marica C.
Client since 2013

"SmarterU has allowed us to provide our customers with the best learner experience possible."

Salvatore P.
Canadian Food Safety Group
Client since 2014
The SmarterU LMS team cares about every learner’s journey. Their mission is to help provide a fulfilling training experience with their LMS—and speaking from experience, they do!
Three headshots of fictitious learners who are satisfied with SmarterU's learner experience.

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