Leverage These 5 LMS Features to Super-Power Your Online Training

Training admins are all about efficiency and effectiveness. With SmarterU, you can achieve that and provide a great learner experience. Leverage these five powerful features of SmarterU to energize your training and your learners!

1. Webinar Integrations Boost Remote Employee Training

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With more people working from home, getting them together, getting them trained, and keeping them engaged is a challenge. Leverage SmarterU’s webinar integrations to get everyone on the same page — and the same screen. Learners will easily find their course and connect with peers, while admins can more effectively train any number of remote employees.

2. Learning Plans Personalize the Learner Experience

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Each learner is unique; their learning experience should reflect that. With SmarterU’s learning plans, it can. Learning plans can also simplify training groups of learners for the same role. Training admins can use this SmarterU feature to streamline and personalize training.

3. Learning Happens Everywhere; LMS Integrations Make It Easy

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Learning happens everywhere. What’s more, your LMS administrators might get data, records, or content from all kinds of tools, from an HRIS or talent management platform to an authoring tool. Your LMS needs to integrate with all of these tools, making it easy to sync records and share data.

4. Update Learner Records — Fast!

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When you’re training large cohorts of new hires or an entire division’s employees, you need a way to process actions efficiently. SmarterU comes to the rescue with batch action processing. Update multiple actions at once, and ensure that records are accurate and up-to-date.

5. Automate Tedious Tasks with SmarterU

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Training administration is full of tasks that must be done over and over: enrollments, notifications, reports, and more. Leverage SmarterU to automate a dozen of these repetitive, but critical, tasks — and kiss admin pain good-bye.

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