Leverage LMS Integrations to Eliminate Admin Pain Points

Training administrators are familiar with the LMS, or learning management system, which is a central element of the organization’s eLearning strategy. It hosts eLearning courses and quizzes and tracks learner enrollments, engagement, and progress.  

The right LMS platform can integrate with other components of your organization’s learning, human resources, and talent management systems, while also automating many routine training administration tasks, simplifying learner assessment and evaluation, and ensuring that records and certifications are always up to date.

Eliminate common pain points

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Your LMS can be the linchpin of an integrated eLearning network — an environment that includes multiple tools that work in concert to create and support learning opportunities. Admins will reap the benefits of synchronized user data and profiles and a single place to manage training content, update and track enrollment, and oversee learners’ progress. Your LMS can integrate multiple systems and functions that admins use every day:

Authoring tools

Use the best tools to create eLearning courses, microlearning, videos, and more.

A mobile app

Mobile-friendly course delivery reaches today's on-the-go and dispersed learners.

HRIS or talent management

Integrating your platform that gathers and stores information about recruiting, retaining, developing, and managing talent (employees) with your LMS eliminates duplicate record-keeping, saves admins time, and ensures that learners’ employee records reflect their latest training and certifications.

An LRS or learning record store

Gather and store data on learning activities that occur anywhere to facilitate deeper analytics — and enable your LMS to create more complete reports on learner activities.

Data Analytics

Gather learner data and correlate it with “real world” data, such as sales or customer service numbers — gleaned from linked databases and marketing tools — to create info-packed visualizations and reports.

Social and collaborative platforms

Integrate activity that occurs on Slack, Yammer, Teams, and other online tools that offer space for discussion, document sharing, and collaborative learning and problem-solving with more conventional learning activities.

Virtual classroom platforms

Integration with a webinar or virtual classroom platform like WebEx or GoToTraining makes it easy to offer synchronous training to dispersed learners.

Test Proctoring

Provide learner validation for high-stakes exams without requiring an in-person visit.


Sell courses and automate learner enrollment and tracking.

Spaced Repetition App

Integrate a microlearning app that will build long-term retention of key training content.

API and Webhooks

The key to creating additional integrations is an API and webhooks.

Single Sign-On

Admins and learners alike benefit from easy access to all learning tools with a single username and password.

Integrate your eLearning with SmarterU

SmarterU easily integrates all these elements. Need more? Our open API and webhooks make it easy to customize SmarterU and integrate with additional tools. With SmarterU integrations, training admins can spend their time creating and improving learning content, rather than engaged in mind-numbing repetitive synchronizations and record-keeping.

Talk to a SmarterU expert today about integrating your learning ecosystem — and eliminating multiple admin pain points.

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