Personalize Learner Experience with SmarterU’s Learning Plans

Employers increasingly recognize the need to individualize training for their employees and provide a relevant, personalized learner experience (LX).

At the same time, some training is routinely offered to — and needed by — groups of learners.

Training admins need an easy way to ensure that learners get the foundational training, compliance training, and other essential learning they require, while also meeting individuals’ unique needs.

The learning plans feature in your SmarterU learning management system helps you accommodate both challenges.

Learning plans provide a personalized approach

A learning plan considers each individual learner while facilitating the needs of teams and providing easy access to role-related or company-wide training content.

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A learning plan is a comprehensive approach to instruction and assessment. It could cover a number of needs — for example, introducing company culture and policies to new hires; teaching, reinforcing or improving role-related skills; identifying, tracking and evaluating learning related to certifications or licensing; and providing upskilling and leadership-related content to employees who are preparing to move up in the organization.

A learning plan might be individualized, pertaining to the goals of one learner, or tailored to cover training for a specific role, like safety supervisor or customer-facing retail associate. Learning plans can be designed with learner preferences in mind, too, containing mostly resources that are mobile-friendly, for example, or emphasize microlearning or video over longer, more text-heavy courses.

The content a particular learner needs can be identified through:

  • Conversation between the learner and their manager about goals and skills gaps
  • Automated recommendations that use information on a learner’s role, certifications needed, or skills gaps identified in prior training

Training admins can enroll individuals or all members of a group, such as new hires, safety supervisors, or customer support personnel, into relevant training

SmarterU offers robust support for learning plans

Your SmarterU Enterprise plan supports learning plans. 

Each learning plan includes one or more “certifications” — competency areas required by all employees enrolled in the learning plan. A certification includes one or more requirements — courses or actions a learner must complete. An action might be an exam or a minimum number of practice hours in a simulator.

Learning plans are generally tied to a specific role or area of study. Assigning a learning plan to a learner enrolls that learner in all the courses and actions that make up each certification area in the plan.  

An Onboarding learning plan, for instance, could include an overview of company culture, a course introducing basic policies, a checklist of forms to complete, an informational course on company benefits, and a game to help new hires learn what their colleagues do and who’s in each division. This learning plan could automatically be assigned to all new hires. 

A learning plan can contain multiple certifications. If your new hire is a floor supervisor, for example, that employee might need general onboarding training as well as training for leadership and management skills, including a course on filling out annual evaluations; protocols for operating and maintaining machinery; and any required safety or first aid certifications, such as forklift operation or CPR. A Floor Supervisor learning plan could include all of these components. 

Track learners’ progress

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When you use SmarterU’s learning plans to enroll and track learners, you benefit from easier enrollment and learner management. 

The learning plan feature supports expiration dates for certifications and tracks whether learners are in compliance. If a learner’s certification must be renewed annually, for example, the learning plan can automatically re-enroll the learner in required courses as their certifications expire.

Learning plans make it easy to stay on top of enrollments while ensuring that all employees meet their certification requirements. Admins, and the learners’ managers, can get regular reports notifying them of which courses the learner has started or completed, along with test scores, impending certification expiration dates, and other relevant information. 

Offer personalized, relevant training with SmarterU

Improve the LX of your training with greater personalization. Use your SmarterU learning management system to create role-based or individualized learning plans that target the training each learner receives to their needs and goals. At the same time, you’ll be efficiently enrolling all learners in the courses they need and want. 

Talk to one of our experts today to set up a demo and find out how SmarterU can solve your training challenges.

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