Add Microlearning & Conquer Corporate Training Challenges

A key corporate training challenge is ensuring that learners not only complete their compliance training but actually learn and retain the essential content. In fact, the challenge of building retention rears its head across the corporate training landscape, whether in safety training, onboarding, or closing skill and knowledge gaps.

Learning and development teams face a dilemma. They have spent years developing thorough LMS-based eLearning for their learner populations and have perfected their system of updating the training and meeting regulatory requirements by delivering this training on a set schedule. Yet knowledge and performance gaps persist.

Microlearning offers a solution.

Extend LMS-based learning & build retention

It’s not necessary, or even desirable, to abandon the library of deep corporate training your L&D team has developed over the years. Adding a microlearning knowledge retention campaign enhances your existing training while helping the L&D team — and the entire organization — conquer a key corporate training challenge.

Microlearning helps learners overcome the forgetting curve, the bane of corporate training. As they complete an in-depth eLearning course, with content fresh in their minds, your learners can easily recall the information they need to pass a final quiz. But how much do they remember a few days or weeks later? How well does that knowledge transfer to their on-the-job performance?

Adding a microlearning-based continuous learning strategy refreshes this information, using the principles of spaced repetition to embed key content in learners’ long-term memories, making recall and application automatic. Lessons — whether daily or a few times per week — are only a few minutes long. A microlearning knowledge retention strategy is easy to slip into the workday, and learners do not have to schedule additional training time.

Integrate microlearning with eLearning

Close-up of two silver, interlocking gears.

Your LMS-based eLearning covers content deeply and broadly; it’s an effective way to teach complex subjects and ensure that learners meet compliance and regulatory requirements by covering a multitude of topics. But to truly eliminate knowledge gaps and improve performance, you need more.

It’s time to take the next step.

Choose a microlearning platform that integrates with your LMS to make this step seamless for your learners — and for your training administrators. Learners who complete training in the LMS can be automatically enrolled in the relevant microlearning modules.

Learners will immediately embark on their continuous learning journey, using the integrated microlearning platform. They will access their short daily lessons via the LMS or on their favorite mobile devices.

Learners will easily be able to track their progress and chart their improvement as knowledge gaps melt away, replaced by increased topic mastery and improved performance.

Managers will love the new microlearning extension as well: They can see weekly reports showing that their employees are deepening their knowledge and building their skills.

Conquer all your corporate training challenges with microlearning

Think big! There’s more to training and knowledge retention than meeting regulatory requirements and improving the effectiveness of your annual compliance training.

Extending learning beyond the LMS with microlearning can also help you overcome these common corporate training challenges:

  • Keeping sales professionals current on the details of new or changing products
  • Refreshing information on how to complete tasks or processes after a long break or when skills are used only occasionally
  • Getting workers up to speed quickly when a new product is launching
  • Updating information that has changed since annual training was completed
Microlearning is adaptable and flexible. Once you’ve integrated a microlearning knowledge retention campaign into your LMS and your training strategy, you’re sure to find countless ways to use it to drive better training outcomes.

Put microlearning to work today

It’s time to defeat your top corporate training challenges and put microlearning to work for you and for your learners. Extend learning beyond the LMS and watch training outcomes soar. Contact a SmarterU expert today to ask about adding an integrated microlearning solution to your LMS.

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