Let SmarterU LMS Connect Your Remote Learners

It’s easy to provide & track virtual instructor-led training to remote learners

Did you know that you can provide interactive instructor-led-training — while your instructors and learners are all working from home and practicing safe social distancing? Reach your remote learners online!

It’s easy with the integrated webinar and virtual classroom features in your SmarterU LMS.

Webinars offer interactive, synchronous training

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Many organizations are quickly rolling out eLearning, microlearning, and other online training options. But not all instruction moves easily to asynchronous learning. Some topics require interaction among learners or the ability to ask questions of instructors during learning.

Webinars and virtual classrooms are great options. Both allow for synchronous learning where groups of dispersed learners get live content delivery from one or more instructors.

SmarterU’s webinar integration and single-sign-on ability ensure that learners can move seamlessly between webinars, eLearning courses, and other offerings in your LMS library.

Webinars for large groups

A webinar can typically handle a large number of learners. Instructors might ask for questions in advance or grant learners access to the chat features of the webinar platform to type in questions during the webinar. Some instructors ask questions and allow the entire viewing population to see all learners’ responses. Webinars can include poll-type questions as well. But, generally, learners are muted during a webinar and don’t use interactive tools like shared screens and whiteboards.

Virtual classrooms for any size group

Virtual classrooms and webinars might use similar — or the same — platforms. The difference is in how the instructor interacts with learners. In smaller groups, instructors can interact more individually with learners, potentially even sharing screens, turning on individual learners’ microphones, or giving one or more learners access to use a virtual whiteboard that all the learners can see.

A virtual classroom can be more lecture-style, too, more like a webinar with question-and-answer time but little interactivity.

Versatility with virtual ILT

Student making notes in a notebook, while watching an instructor teach virtually from their laptop screen.

Both webinars and virtual classroom sessions make it possible to provide expert instructor-led training while learners are working from home. Webinar and virtual classroom platforms generally make it easy to record sessions. Ideally, learners will participate in the live webinar or virtual classroom session, but having a recording helps them review the material later and enhances retention. It’s also handy for learners who cannot make it to the live session, whether because of a scheduling conflict, time zone issue, or technical or other glitches.

SmarterU LMS is integrated with top webinar platforms

SmarterU is integrated with top webinar and virtual classroom tools like WebEx, GoToTraining, and GoToMeeting. That means that training admins can create sessions, manage enrollments and webinar capacity, track learner attendance and progress, and control access to the webinar. Instructors have a dashboard, too, where they can manage their own webinar sessions.

Learners can find the webinars in your SmarterU LMS catalog, just as they would browse or search for other types of courses. Upon registering or being enrolled by an admin or instructor, the learner will receive a link, along with information on the date and time of the webinar. At the appointed time, they follow the link — it’s that simple.

When learners attend a virtual session, SmarterU LMS launches the webinar platform from within the LMS. That means that learners and instructors can use all of the platform’s features, such as shared whiteboards, breakout rooms, polls, and more. Training admins can add discussion space to the webinar session or as an ongoing forum within the SmarterU course that includes the virtual sessions or webinar.

Learn more about SmarterU LMS

In addition to connecting your learners via webinars and virtual classroom sessions, SmarterU LMS can turn your instructors’ slide decks into instant eLearning courses.

Learn more about how SmarterU can solve your remote training problems. Call an expert today!

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