LMS Implementation Team Key to a Smooth Launch

Implementing a new learning management system (LMS) is a giant step toward launching your new online training program. That’s why the essential steps of planning the implementation and selecting the team that will conduct and oversee your LMS implementation are so critical to your success.

Regardless of the size of your organization or whether this is your first LMS or an upgrade, a smooth implementation, including transitioning existing online training materials, records, and certifications into the new system, is the goal. The ideal LMS implementation team includes five key functions or roles as described below. Note that in smaller organizations, one or a few individuals might take on multiple roles.

What is the LMS vendor’s role?

If you’ve chosen well, your LMS vendor might play a significant role in the implementation. At SmarterU, we believe that the choice of an LMS platform launches a multi-year relationship that includes outstanding customer service.

Choosing our Implementation Consulting Services ensures a smooth launch because we put in place a dedicated consultant who guides you through a 12-week LMS implementation plan that includes guidance on transferring and syncing eLearning content and records, training your administrators, and more.

Our implementation consultant will focus on your organization, providing the strategic guidance that will fuel your success. We’ll review your training program and consult with you to identify gaps between your business goals and your training outcomes, analyze your future needs, and ensure that your LMS and online training program are optimized to meet your specific goals. 

Who’s on the LMS implementation team?

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In addition to the consultant or onboarding expert from the LMS vendor, your implementation team should include a team manager from your organization and, ideally, online training developers or instructional designers, training admins, and personnel who will need to know the new LMS platform inside and out. In addition, most LMS implementation teams include an IT specialist to help with key integrations.

Consultant or onboarding expert

Your LMS consultant plays a key role in getting your in-house team up to speed on the new LMS platform, providing recommendations on how to set up the LMS so it is optimized for your needs as well as training your administrators on how to use, manage, and configure the LMS. This person is also your point of contact with the vendor and, if not able to answer your questions, absolutely critical in getting you connected with the people who can.

Project manager

In-house, you need a team leader or project manager to oversee your LMS implementation. This person should create or coordinate with the LMS consultant on an implementation plan, including a schedule. They are also responsible for identifying and allocating in-house resources, whether personnel, or anything else needed to ensure a smooth implementation and launch.

Instructional designer or online training developer

The LMS is all about tracking all kinds of training as well as creating and housing digital training resources, linking learners with online and in-person learning opportunities, managing certifications and required training, just to scratch the surface.

That’s why an online training developer should be part of your LMS implementation team! This person will drive the learner experience and can contribute a wealth of insights into what learners need and want and, where applicable, what they loved and hated about the previous LMS platform. This person might be responsible for migrating existing online training assets, creating new ones, or both.

Training administrator

Your organization likely has one or more training administrators or “admins.” These professionals focus on optimizing the LMS configuration, as well as taking on administrative tasks like managing enrollments or ensuring that data records are synced with HR or talent management tools. If there’s only one training admin on your implementation team, should be the person who will oversee day-to-day use and management of the LMS.

SmarterU provides specialized training for admins through the SmarterU Academy and an on-demand help system, in addition to our highly responsive Customer Care team. Your LMS team may call on more than one admin to test content migrations, set up user profiles, and perform the myriad tasks required to ensure that the rollout of the new learning platform is efficient and friction-free.

IT expert

Your new LMS is part of a complex training and talent management ecosystem, and your IT team keeps it all running. Including an IT expert on your LMS implementation team ensures that key aspects, such as user and data security, account authentication, data migration, and integrations, are handled expertly and accurately.

Don’t do it alone!

LMS implementation may seem like a daunting task. It’s gargantuan, but with the right team in place, you’re sure to succeed. Start with a SmarterU managed implementation, where our team of experts will provide the level of service your organization needs to ensure a smooth LMS implementation and launch and a bright future for your learners. Contact us today to find out more about SmarterU, including our managed implementation services.

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