6 Compelling Reasons to Move Your Training Program Online

Organizations with successful, deeply entrenched in-person learning cultures may resist moving part or all of their training program online. Objections might reference poor experiences with eLearning or stem from general resistance to change or to technology. The good news is that it’s never too late to move your training program online! These six reasons for adopting an online training program might convince the most stubborn skeptics in your organization.

1.Work-from-home is here to stay

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Tens — hundreds — of thousands of workers worldwide abruptly shifted to remote working in 2020. Strong signs that this shift is long-term or permanent are everywhere: Google, Facebook, and Twitter, among others, have announced long-range plans to have employees work remotely. Atlantic’s Derek Thompson cites predictions that as many as one in five workers could embrace a permanent work-from-home status post-pandemic.

Moving training online is the obvious, and perhaps only, way to reach these workers effectively.

 2. Reach the extended enterprise

Digital training excels at reaching your own remote workers — and your entire extended enterprise. An online training program is easy to scale and can be made available to partners, resellers, suppliers, and even customers.

Your SmarterU LMS is your ally here, enabling you to create branded dashboards and custom pages for each learner population or implement access restrictions, a paywall, and other security and monetization features. 

3. Take your training program global

Presenting face-to-face training to a multilingual audience is a daunting challenge, even if the training is virtual. But creating multilingual and multicultural digital training is easy with the right LMS support. SmarterU easily supports multilingual user interfaces and training content, ensuring that your learners feel right at home, wherever they are! 

4. An online training program is more accessible than face-to-face learning

The reach of online training is unparalleled. Not only can you reach learners anywhere in the world, whatever their connection to your organization, you can empower all learners to use and benefit from your training, whatever their range of abilities and experience.

Creating accessible online training is easy when you pair the SmarterU LMS with leading eLearning authoring tools. You can add captions, describe visual images, provide transcripts and downloadable documents, include videos that learners can replay as often as they like — and do so much more to enhance the accessibility and effectiveness of your training program.

5. Online training offers flexible options to your learners

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The number-one reason learners cite for not doing training is lack of time. An online training program can help resolve that problem by offering flexible access on the learner’s schedule. Create mobile-first training for busy learners to use on the go, and offer asynchronous training options that they can complete when they choose.

Flexibility extends beyond scheduling, too: Your online training program can include multimedia content that allows learners to choose a preferred format, refer back to training at their moment of need, and review training whenever they need a refresher.

6. Digital training is highly effective

Always available, accessible multimedia training delivers results. From the ability to use eLearning for the spaced repetition that is so effective in building long-term retention to the engaging nature of multimedia digital content, an online training program offers strong benefits that conventional classroom learning cannot easily duplicate. Adding components like gamified microlearning or simulations and scenario-based learning deepen the potential for long-lasting learning and behavior change.  

Ready to explore an online training program? Let us help!

We’re so convinced that you’ll love online training that we’ll even help with the transition! Contact a SmarterU expert today — and reap the benefits of moving your training program online.

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