Ensure Test Integrity with SmarterU LMS

As more education and training moves online, and learners are increasingly working from dispersed remote locations, the issue of secure testing and evaluation becomes more urgent for training administrators, education professionals, and test-takers. Knowing that the person who is supposed to be taking an exam is actually the person taking the exam is essential. Beyond that, learners need to know that their test responses, as well as their scores and other personal information, are secure.

Your learning management system, or LMS, should play a key role in verifying learners’ identities and ensuring that the correct learner takes each quiz and exam. The LMS should be instrumental in monitoring participation and reassuring both the tester and the test-taker that their integrity is protected. Your LMS can do this via integrations with remote test proctoring tools.

What is remote test proctoring?

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A remote test proctor verifies the identity and participation of test-takers who are taking online tests in dispersed locations. The learner generally proves their identity to access the test, and the automated proctoring system might watch them via video and microphone.

Some remote proctoring systems use live video feeds and a qualified (human) proctor who monitors the test-taking in real-time, but many use a more automated service based on a recorded audio and video feed. A human reviewer scans the recordings for suspicious activity — the test-taker using headphones or ducking out of camera view, for example.

Fully automated remote test proctoring services use AI and analytics software to monitor live or recorded audio and video feeds for suspicious activity. This can occur quickly, while the test-taker is still present.

Bolster your security with the SmarterU LMS

If your learners are taking some or all of their exams online, remote proctoring may be necessary. Make exams easy for training admins as well as for learners with an LMS platform, such as SmarterU, that is already integrated with your proctoring service.

SmarterU is fully integrated with automated remote proctoring services including Integrity Advocate. These services use AI (artificial intelligence) to verify test-takers’ identity and monitor participation to ensure that the logged-in learner is actually the person completing an exam.

Integrity Advocate uses a partially automated approach that employs human reviewers who use AI and biometric technology to monitor the feeds from learning and examination environments to safeguard the integrity of the testing.

Give learners confidence in test integrity

Learners are notified that a video proctoring service will be in use, and they are required to follow rules set by the proctoring service. They must use a device with a working microphone and camera, for example, and they are asked to provide a photo of a valid government-issued identification document, such as a driver’s license. They read and acknowledge the privacy policy, allow the service to take their photo, and follow instructions for scanning or photographing their ID.

When a learner completes their quiz or exam, they wait for the test proctoring service to “process” their session; if a learner fails to follow the proctoring service’s rules, the attempt is considered invalid. You can decide whether learners are allowed to retake a quiz or attempt to meet proctoring requirements in another way.

Learners can feel secure that their test results are valid and that all test-takers are held to the same standards.

Feel confident about your test results with SmarterU + remote proctoring

Contact us today to find out more about SmarterU’s integrations with remote test proctoring systems, virtual classroom platforms, and other tools that make remote learning engaging, secure, and effective.

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