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How Our LMS Experts Help

It's simple! A chat with a Learning Solutions Expert can save you thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours.

Understand your learners' needs

It’s easy to build a wishlist of requirements, but that list won't help unless you dig deeper and ask:

  • What are your learners' core needs?

  • What will entice your learners to engage?

  • What do they actually need to get their jobs done effectively?

Understand your administrators' needs

No matter how big or small your organization, an LMS admin's job can sometimes be a difficult one — it's important to ask:

  • What are your training administrators' core needs?

  • How much time is invested maintaining your LMS users, reports, schedules?

  • What administrative tasks do you wish you could automate?

  • What training do your administrators need and want to be productive with a new LMS?

Identify your support needs

Every LMS talks about support, but, what type of support do you want and need?

  • Is it important to you that your support team knows your name and you know theirs?

  • Is it important that they understand your operation and training objectives so you don’t have to repeat yourself?

  • Or does transactional support from a large anonymous support pool satisfy your needs?

Recognize your service needs

The majority of LMS buyers need more than just the base application. They need a whole suite of services, such as course creation, software integration, data conversion, data sync, implementation, and LMS administration.

  • What services will make your LMS the most successful?

  • What can you do in-house versus what assistance might be available from your LMS vendor to increase efficiencies?

Satisfy your privacy & security needs

Every organization has unique privacy and security requirements — what are yours?

  • What is your privacy and security risk?

  • How do you meet your IT administrators' requirements?

  • Where do you need your data to be stored?

  • How important are GDPR, HIPPA, and other security compliance factors to you?

Uncover your evolving needs

Are you looking for a platform that is static where you have little influence? Or are you looking for: 

  • An LMS partner that adapts and innovates based on client feedback?

  • An LMS that is open to your needs, as well as general user feedback?

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