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How We Help

It's simple! A chat with a Learning Solutions Expert can save you thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours.

Understand your learners' needs

What are your learners' core needs? It’s easy to build a wishlist of requirements, but what will entice your learners to engage? What do they actually NEED to get their jobs done effectively?

Understand your administrators' needs

What are your training administrators' needs? How much time is invested maintaining your LMS users, reports, schedules? What administrative tasks do you wish you could automate? With a new LMS, what training will your administrators need and want to be productive?

Identify your support needs

Every LMS talks about support, but what type of support do you need? Is it important to you that your support team knows your name and you know theirs? Is it important that they understand your operation and training objectives so you don’t have to repeat yourself? Or is transactional support from a large anonymous support pool good enough?

Recognize your service needs

What services will make your LMS the most successful? The majority of LMS buyers need more than just the base application. They need a whole suite of services such as course creation, software integrations, data conversions, data syncs, implementation and LMS administration. What can you do in-house versus what assistance might be available from your LMS vendor to increase efficiencies?

Satisfy your privacy & security needs

What is your privacy and security risk? How do you meet your IT administrators' requirements? Where do you need your data to be stored? How important is GDPR, HIPPA and other security compliance factors to you?

Uncover your evolving needs

Are you looking for a platform that is static where you have little influence? Or, are you looking for a partner that adapts and innovates based on client feedback? How open is your LMS going to be to your needs as well as general user feedback?

Start the Conversation

Click the steps to learn how a SmarterU Learning Solutions Expert can help you buy your first—or your next—LMS.

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Step 2
Step 3
Short List
Step 4
Step 5
Step 6
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Step 1: Identify

Our Learning Solutions Experts help you clarify and prioritize your needs and requirements and separate them from your wants and desires.

BONUS! You’ll identify additional services that you MUST HAVE to be successful in deploying and engaging your learners. Think of services like course building, data integrations or implementation consulting.

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Step 2: Discovery

Compare LMS platforms, armed with some industry intelligence from our Learning Solutions Experts. Drill down past the buzzwords to identify the core features and functionality that fit your training objectives.

BONUS! Not your first LMS? We’ve helped many clients successfully migrate from their previous system to our platform, so we know what it takes to make that happen as easily as possible. Let us advise you on what you should consider to avoid pitfalls.

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Step 3: Short List

Reduce your list to 2-3 providers based on apples-to-apples comparisons. Ensure they meet your needs, both in system function and services needed for success. Validate that they can deliver within your budget and deployment timeline.

BONUS! We believe in integrity! We do hope SmarterU is on your short list, because we meet your needs and exceed your expectations, but we will tell you plainly if we don’t feel we can meet your requirements.

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Step 4: Demo

Take a guided tour of your short-listed platforms. Look under the hood, and dig a little deeper into HOW this platform meets your needs. They may all meet your needs, but HOW they do it can make the difference in your adoption rate.

BONUS! Your SmarterU Learning Solutions Expert will already know a lot about you and your LMS needs from your previous conversations. With this knowledge, your Expert will ensure your SmarterU demo is custom-tailored to answer your questions and provide insight into the additional resources we can provide based on your requirements.

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Step 5: Trial

Nothing like a test drive to see how your potential LMS platform looks and feels. While there is a learning curve to any new software, a brief trial helps you evaluate the ease of use and how it will meet your needs.

Throughout your SmarterU Trial, your Learning Solutions Expert will be there to guide you, armed with the knowledge of your needs, wants, and desires you've shared in the first steps.

BONUS! With SmarterU, you have access to our full Client Support team for support, and the SmarterU Academy to see how we train our clients to maximize their SmarterU investment. SmarterU Academy provides administrative training using the very tool you are looking to purchase. What better way to evaluate than to be a learner in SmarterU too!

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Step 6: Decision

You’ve asked a lot of questions, refined your needs, defined a budget and timeline and explored the additional services that will kickstart your online training successfully. It's time to make the decision about the right LMS for YOUR needs.

BONUS! You did it! We are proud of you and hope you're excited with your decision. While we think we're an awesome choice, we know we may not be right for everyone—but we are happy to have helped just the same!

Thanks for having a look at SmarterU!

We know you have a ton of LMS options out there, and picking the right one can be daunting. Our Learning Solutions Experts understand, so let us help you accelerate your search!

Book a no-obligation Q&A session with us, where we’ll help you better understand your own needs, and see whether SmarterU is the right choice to meet those requirements, wants, and wishes. Ultimately, we want you to pick a platform you’ll be happy with for years to come.

- Philip Giles, Learning Solutions Expert
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What Do Our Clients Say?

"I started working with the SmarterU team in 2012 while transitioning a client's eLearning platform to the SmarterU LMS. I was immediately impressed with their knowledge, their ability to understand my client's unique challenges and provide solutions.

Working with SmarterU has been a very positive experience, so much so that, when I offer eLearning as an option to my clients, I know exactly where I'm going."

"I am a new client, having recently signed a contract for the SmarterU LMS platform. Josh Flower has been my contact throughout our discovery process, as we shuffled through the landscape of LMS vendors. I found him  to be, hands down, the most attentive, genuine, personable representative I have come across in a very long time. 

The criteria for evaluating and choosing the right system for my organization were rigorous, and he was with me every step of the way; always providing timely answers and working with others in your company to dig into technical and functional details for me. He provided expert guidance and creative ideas, without overpromising. Josh is a true champion for Neovation and for SmarterU and was an integral part of my decision to choose SmarterU as our solution. Please congratulate him on a job well done and recognize his topnotch efforts to deliver high quality service to his clients."

"The SmarterU team are a pleasure to work with. They've provided us with an amazing tool to automate our training processes. They have taken the time to understand our business needs, provided guidance on the process of implementing online learning and have kept us on track when we get distracted with the shiny objects of what we “could” do. They don’t just listen to feature requests, but actually deliver them.

Fantastic platform and support! Strongly recommended!"

"After looking for a LMS system for 18 months we chose SmarterU. We have had an excellent experience from the start. The SmarterU team has been very quick to respond to any need we have had in rolling out our online Food Safety course.

The frequent updates and program enhancements have all been excellent. With a full list of great features and their commitment to excellence in everything they do, SmarterU is a SMART choice."

"Great product. The team at SmarterU really helped us get our learning out to our global audience. They encourage input from their subscriber community, building our needs and ideas into a well planned roadmap of developments that delivers a continually evolving (and improving) end user experience. 

The accessibility and responsiveness of the senior management, along with the effective and human approach the in life support team gives us, make this a clear leader in the LMS marketplace. Not sure we should tell too many people how good it is, wouldn't want anything to change!"

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