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What is SCORM/ AICC/ xAPI?

Whether you have 100 or 10,000 users or more, SmarterU LMS will scale to meet your needs.

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It’s not just a matter of speed - we’re fast.  It’s also a matter of how the system is designed – managing a huge number of users, courses, and records just works.

AICC is very similar to SCORM in capability, and is a format which is often used by third party course providers, such as when distributing their modules to clients. xAPI is a more powerful version of the SCORM standard which facilitates increased reporting and offline course taking.
For ease of communication, we refer to all three types as SCORM.

Universal Standard - SmarterU LMS - Online Training Software
Universal Standard

SCORM is a worldwide standard and is a specification of the Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) Initiative, which came from the Office of the United States Secretary of Defence.

Why It Matters - SmarterU LMS - Corporate Training
Why it matters

SCORM matters because it makes your content more portable. SmarterU can import any previously created SCORM-compliant courses, so moving from your existing LMS to SmarterU doesn’t mean rebuilding your existing SCORM content.

Supported Versions - SmarterU LMS - Learning Management Software
Supported Versions

We support:

  • SCORM 1.2
  • SCORM 2004
  • xAPI and AICC
One Click Upload - SmarterU LMS - Blended Learning
One click upload

Easily add SCORM-compliant modules to the SmarterU LMS with a one-click upload.

One Click Launch - SmarterU LMS - Online Training Software
one click launch

Your students can easily launch SmarterU SCORM-compliant modules with a single click.

Automatic Bookmarking - SmarterU LMS - Corporate Training
automatic bookmarking

We automatically record a learner’s progress through a SCORM module, so that we can automatically return them to where they left off.

Testimonials - SmarterU LMS - Learning Management System

“The SmarterU team have been excellent partners for our organization - responsive and quick with solutions.”

Icon: Quotation marks - Testimonials - SmarterU LMS - Learning Management System

"Easy to get started, but with good functionality for more sophisticated users. Great, friendly support as well."

Testimonials - SmarterU LMS - Learning Management System

"We use SmarterU because it's an easy to use platform and it allows us to easily track who took the training and who didn't."

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PowerPoint to SCORM Converter

Quick conversion in just one click.

Upload your PowerPoint – and let SmarterU convert it to SCORM for you.  Not only will it save you time - but it will also preserve narration, transitions, and animations.

 PowerPoint to SCORM Converter - SmarterU LMS - Learning Management System

Ready to experience exceptional support?

Our clients tell us they've never worked with a more responsive vendor.

Recommended Authoring Tools

We recommend the following authoring tools:

iSpring - SmarterU LMS - Corporate Training

A powerful tool to easily convert Powerpoint presentations, complete with narration, animations, and transitions to HTML5 and/or Flash SCORM modules, complete with activities and quizzes.

Articulate - SmarterU LMS - Blended Learning

Comprehensive authoring tools to create virtually any type of e-learning experience, including complex activities and simulations.

Adobe Captivate - SmarterU LMS - Learning Management System
Adobe Captivate

Create a wide range of e-learning with this popular SCORM-compliant authoring tool from Adobe.

Camtasia - SmarterU LMS - Online Training Software

More than a simple screen recorder, Camtasia helps you create professional annotated videos from your computer screen.  Great for software demos.

LMS Training Options

The SmarterU LMS provides blended training options that will empower your team and engage your learners.

Course builder

No third-party software needed! Our integrated online training course builder makes it easy to build engaging courses using text pages, video, games, PowerPoint™, PDF™, quizzes, and exams.

instructor-led training

Use the SmarterU LMS to schedule your in-person or live webinar sessions, plus record attendance and document performance.


Import your courses into the SCORM/AICC/xAPI-compliant SmarterU learning management system.

Knowledge Base Features

Meet The SmarterU Knowledge Base.

Responsive Design - SmarterU LMS - Blended Learning
Responsive Design

Your knowledge base is fully responsive and accessible by mobile, tablet, or desktop.

Drilldown Reporting - SmarterU LMS - Online Training Software
Drilldown Reporting

Drilldown usage stats of each of your articles – find how many times each article has been viewed, edited, or downloaded.

All Your Files - SmarterU LMS - Corporate Training
All your files

Upload and organize all of your files - Powerpoint, PDF, MS Office, videos, audio files, etc.  Plus, also embed media from services such as YouTube, Vimeo, Prezi, Animoto, etc.

WiKi Articles - SmarterU LMS - Learning Management System
WiKi articles

Along with files, maintain wiki-style pages of content that are easily updated just through a browser.

Post-Course Evaluations

Data can be very telling but sometimes, it's great to hear it from the source.

Allowing your learners to provide post-course evaluations can help you gain a better understanding on the experiences of your learners as they proceed through their training. Surveys can be created in Typeform or Survey Monkey -- so easy!

Post-Course Evaluations - SmarterU LMS - Blended Learning