Schedule Reports to Send Automatically

While some companies have multi-person L&D teams or a dedicated training department, this isn’t always the case. Many of us find ourselves responsible for managing training in addition to our primary role. 

In this situation, keeping supervisors, managers, and other stakeholders updated on training progress and results can be a daunting task. Especially if all of your reports need to go out at the same time, such as the end of the month.  

Here at SmarterU, we understand your pain and make it easy to create, save, and even schedule these reports. This allows you to do the work once and then automate the process, saving you time and effort. You can even go on vacation confident that things will keep moving while you are away. 

Let’s look at how you can accomplish this in a few easy steps. 

Create Your Report

First, you need to set up and save your report. To do this:

  1. Navigate to the Reports Dashboard
  2. Select either +Enrollments or +Learning Plans depending on the type of report you want to run (an Enrollment Report or Learning Plan Report).  
Close-up of Enrollments and Learning Plans buttons on the SmarterU Reports Dashboard.
  1. Give your report a name and description.
  2. Select the report’s visibility level. 

Private reports will only be visible to you, Group reports will be visible to one or more specific groups, and Account reports will be visible to anyone in the account. In addition to the level you select, only people with reporting permissions will be able to see the report, and will only see data for users they are allowed to report on. 

Screenshot of the Report Profile, specifically highlighting the "Visibility Level", and "Availabile To" filters.
  1. Customize the report by selecting the filters, output, and columns you want to include.
Screenshot indicating the area where you add filters.
  1. Click Run Report to view your results. 
  2. Make adjustments until you are happy with the report, then click Save.

The report will now appear in the tree menu. 

Close-up of the sidebar tree menu, with an arrow indicating where the new report appears.

Schedule Your Report

Next, to schedule the report: 

  1. Click the Calendar icon.
Close-up of the calendar icon, next to the Run Report button.
  1. Click +Scheduled Report to set up a new schedule. 

Using this button you can schedule the report to go out to different people at different times. 

Close-up of the Scheduled Report button.
  1. Name the schedule.
  2. Select how you want to send the report — either as a CSV or XLS file. 
Settings for how to send the report, as  a CSV or XLS file.
  1. Specify when the report should be sent out. 
Screenshot of the Report Dashboard displaying the scheduling options: frequency, time, start and end date.
  1. Enter the email addresses of everyone you want to receive the report. 

These people don’t need to have reporting permissions or even exist as users in SmarterU. 

The area on the dashboard where you customize your report email notifications.
  1. Click Save

Repeat this process for reports you need to run on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis and let SmarterU take care of the rest. No more frantically trying to do everything at the end of the month or emailing managers one-by-one. 

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