Use QR Codes to Validate Certificates

While many organizations use SmarterU to deliver training to their employees, some use it to deliver training to third parties. In this case, it is valuable to provide a way for these third parties to validate learners' certifications.

Good news! We recently released a new feature that allows you to add QR codes to completion certificates. This allows any interested party to scan the code to validate it.

Sample certificate showing the QR code in the top-right corner.

Sound like something that would be helpful to your organization? All you need to do is turn it on. Navigate to your account settings and enable the Insert QR Code into Completion Certificates setting. Then, save your changes. 

Snippet of the SmarterU Admin dashboard showing where the switch to turn on QR codes is located.

Once this setting is enabled, a QR code will automatically appear in the top-right corner of every certificate — both system defaults and custom certificates you have created.

Then, when someone scans the QR code, they will be taken to a web page where they can validate the completion information.

If you have any questions, we’re happy to help! Contact us at

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