Track Training That Occurred Outside of SmarterU

In real life, training can happen anywhere — through a video call, in a classroom or at an event.

When you know about the event in advance, you can create an instructor-led training session to track it and take attendance; but what about training that has already happened? How can you ensure your learners get credit for all of their learning? 

SmarterU has a handy tool to help with this — our historical training feature.

This tool lets you quickly add and track instructor-led training that has already happened, and ensures this information appears in user records and reports.

To add historical training: 

  1. Navigate to the Enrollments Dashboard
  2. Click Historical Training

This will open the Historical Entry workscreen

ILT Historical Entry area in SmarterU
  1. Select an existing instructor-led course or create a new one
  2. Select an existing session or create a new one
  3. Decide if you want to send learners completion emails. This is a great way to let them know that their training has been recorded.
  4. Add each learner who attended using the search field, or select them from a list of everyone who has access to the course. (Note: The course must belong to each learner’s home group.)
Screenshot indicating where to search or select a learner.
  1. Manage attendance, completion status, and input each user’s grade (if the session was graded). 
Screenshot of learner attendance, completion status, grade.
  1. Click Save.

That’s it!  Your training is now logged in the system and will appear in relevant reports. In addition, if you selected a course with points set up, the system will automatically distribute points to attendees — no manual work required. 

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