Our SmarterU LMS Pânsâwân Release is Online!

SmarterU LMS is excited to announce that our Pânsâwân release is now live!

Our theme for releases in 2021 is Famous Canadian Foods. Pânsâwân is a thinly-sliced, smoked and dried meat traditionally made by the Cree, Dene, and Métis Peoples of Canada. This update includes major updates on our interface and forms as well as new accessibility updates and some bug fixes to improve your SmarterU experience.

Below is a video highlighting our release presented by Ava, our first AI employee providing a walkthrough of our interface refresh!

Interface Refresh

SmarterU’s interface has been given a new modern look. Our new design improves readability, provides more spacing, and intuitive icons making it more user-friendly.

The new SmarterU LMS interface!

Accessibility Enhancements

We are always working to ensure that SmarterU is a great experience for all users. Some of our most recent accessibility enhancements include:

  • Focus states
  • Associating labels and inputs
  • Alt text for images and icons
  • Ability to add accessible labels
  • Increased color contrasts between text and background in our themes
  • And more!

Custom Forms

An additional feature that wasn’t mentioned by Ava is “Create Custom Forms.” This can be found on our updated Forms Dashboard. With our new Custom Forms Builder, you are able to design your own questionnaires, surveys, and polls to gather valuable information from your users.

Example of a form built with our custom forms builder
Our form builder dashboard with our example form in progress

Ready to experience the power of SmarterU LMS?

To improve your internal training using SmarterU LMS with all the functionality found in our Pânsâwân release, contact us today. Our friendly team of learning solutions experts are ready for you anytime.

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