Microlearning Powers Up LMS-Based Training

Your learning management system — LMS — is the ideal platform for delivering long-form training. But comprehensive eLearning courses, on their own, aren’t sufficient to build the long-term mastery and retention your learners need. 

Mobile-first Agile Microlearning is the perfect addition to your digital training toolkit. 

Daily 2-minute refresher training “Mastery Moments” supercharge your training, boosting knowledge retention and improving learner engagement. Agile Microlearning can stand alone or work with your existing LMS-based training — no matter what LMS platform you are using right now.

Together, microlearning and your LMS are a true power duo, shifting your eLearning into a higher gear.

Extend training and bridge gaps 

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Add a microlearning solution that:

You’ll improve your results and increase the value of your comprehensive eLearning courses. Frequent, short sessions keep important training topics top of mind, building mastery and extending retention.

Add Agile Microlearning to your toolkit

An OttoLearn Agile Microlearning solution, designed by the same team that built SmarterU, rolls enhanced training and performance support into one engaging and attractive package. 

  • Knowledge Cards become an in-hand reference library for facts on the go
  • Robust search makes it easy for learners to find the content they need
  • Mastery Moments and targeted Activities teach and reinforce training content
  • Microlearning content is quick and easy to develop
  • Updates take effect immediately for all learners
  • OttoLearn integrates easily with your LMS — and the other elements of your training and talent management ecosystem

Give microlearning a look — and you’ll recognize the benefits of adding a mastery and retention program to your eLearning curriculum.

We're here to help you deliver your best training to your team, affordably and safely. Talk to one of our experts today!

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