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Learner Experience

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Learner Alerts & Notifications

  • Enrollment notifications
  • Absence alert
  • Scheduled reminders based on due date (pre- and post-event)
  • Attendance confirmation (with calendar entry)
  • Available sessions alert (if on waiting list)
  • Automated weekly emails 
  • Customizable email templates 
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Learner Dashboard

  • Customizable dashboard pages
  • Learning plan to-do lists
  • Expansive course catalog with search 
  • Tag organization
  • Custom menu links
  • Timeline page
  • ILT session and waiting list management 
  • Knowledge Base customization
  • Leaderboards

Admin Experience

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Branding & Customization

  • Variety of beautiful themes 
  • Default timezone, language
  • Account and group-level branding
  • Default completion certificate
  • Customized “from” email address
  • Custom login portals
  • Single sign-on
  • API
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Course Enrollment

  • Online, SCORM, and instructor-led courses
  • Automatic enrollment by groups
  • Option for learner self-enrollment
  • Recommended learning
  • Mass enrollments by team or group
  • Notification of new sessions to waiting list members
  • Batch unenrollments 
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  • Admin and supervisory dashboards
  • Tabbed dashboard pages
  • Drill-down reporting
  • SmartGrids (filtering and sorting)
  • Exportable elements
  • Supported platforms: Shopify,, Magento, PayPal, and WooCommerce
  • Custom eCommerce support
  • SKU definition
  • Sell individual or groups of courses
  • Ability to track course credits by group
  • Integrated eCommerce (purchase courses directly in SmarterU)
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Feature Releases

  • Major feature releases every quarter – four times annually
  • 100% based on client requests and suggestions
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  • Leaderboard pages on learner view
  • Unlimited point trackers
  • Ability to assign trackers to courses
  • Issue points based on grade or time
  • Point redemption and tracking
  • Ability to manually enter points
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Intuitive Design

  • Beautiful user interface
  • Branded portals
  • Group branding
  • Custom portal URLs
  • Custom completion certificates
  • Responsive design
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Knowledge Base

  • Documentation library and resource database
  • Custom article templates
  • Wiki-style articles 
  • Granular permissions
  • Video streaming capability
  • File upload, supporting over 40 file formats
  • Download permissions
  • Free form search
  • Report on how many times items were viewed, downloaded, or edited
  • Article tags 
  • Custom knowledge base learner dashboard pages
  • Tagged articles visible on Learner Dashboard
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Learning Plans

  • Assigned to one or multiple learners
  • Tracking training recall dates
  • Tracking training tasks and courses
  • Track cross-plan credentials
  • Basic and advanced setup options
  • Set due dates and reminders 
  • Track certification status (met, unmet)
  • Custom learning plan learner dashboard pages
  • Customizable, schedulable automatic reporting
  • Define learning plans
  • Unlimited certifications and requirements
  • Unlimited courses and actions
  • Certification Dashboard
  • Warnings for expiring certifications
  • Automatic issue of certification certificate
  • Track and map licenses issued by third-party entities
  • CEU credit tracking 
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  • Set default account language
  • Allow users to select the system language
  • 10+ Platform Languages
  • Courses can be in 50+ browser supported languages
  • Unique portal URLs per language
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  • Unlimited organizations
  • Users by organization
  • Organization branding and logo
  • Certifications by organization
  • Custom fields
  • Activity Log
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  • Can be customized per account to report only or enroll only if needed
  • Account-level permissions
  • Group-level permissions
  • User-level permissions
  • Course Manager permissions 
  • Supervisor permissions 
  • Course Manager permissions
  • Knowledge base permissions
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Quizzes & Exams

  • Unlimited quizzes
  • Calculate grades across multiple quizzes
  • Multiple choice questions
  • Short answer questions
  • Long answer questions
  • Scheduled and timed exams
  • Question feedback
  • Question and answer order randomization
  • Automatic grading and certificates
  • Long answer quiz grading
  • Proctoring
  • Integration with Integrity Advocate
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Report Designer

  • Account-level, group-level and private reports
  • Create unlimited custom reports
  • Customize filters and columns
  • Thousands of report combinations
  • Simple and comprehensive exports
  • Schedule and automate reports
  • Receive emails of reports
  • Include charts 
  • Enrollment Report
  • Supervisory Report
  • Quiz Analysis Report
  • User Report
  • Groups Report
  • Course Manager Reports
  • Teams Report
  • Organization Report
  • Audit Report
  • User Certification Summary Report
  • Training Cost Report
  • Learning Plan Report
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  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited portals
  • Unlimited teams
  • Unlimited learning plans
  • Unlimited groups
  • Unlimited courses
  • Discussions
  • Post-course feedback
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  • Bundle courses into a subscription for easier enrollment management
  • Limit course access to a specified time period or duration
  • Customize course settings within each variant of a subscription
  • Sell subscriptions through eCommerce 
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Supervisor Alerts & Notifications

  • Learner progress summary
  • Course completion alert
  • Programmable triggers
  • Supervisor alerts
  • Pre- and post-due date enrollment reminders
  • Associate related objects (courses, groups, knowledge base items, etc.)
  • Further associate objects using values
  • Custom tag and value text
  • Filter searches and dashboard pages
  • Tag Management Dashboard
  • Unlimited teams
  • Unlimited users per team
  • Team report
  • Enroll courses by team
  • Learner report by team
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User Management

  • Unlimited users
  • Groups, teams, and organizations
  • Custom fields
  • Flexible permissions
  • Assigned learning plans (which track certifications)
  • Photo and contact card
  • Import tool for batch user creation
  • Quick user add tool
  • Single-sign-on with Just-in-Time user creation

Training Delivery

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Course Builder

  • Integrated course builder
  • Instructional pages
  • Streaming Video plus YouTube, Vimeo, etc.
  • PDF documents
  • Interactive course activities
  • Ability to add narration
  • Text-to-speech capabilities
  • Flashcards
  • Quizzes
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SCORM/xAPI Support

  • Supported versions: 1.2 / 2004 / xAPI + AICC (Tin Can)
  • One-step uploading
  • One-step launch
  • Ability to override settings
  • Quiz reporting from SCORM courses
  • Supported platforms include: iSpring Suite, Adobe Captivate, Articulate Storyline, Lectora and others
  • PowerPoint to SCORM conversion - just upload your PPT file
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Instructor-led Training

  • Create courses and unlimited sessions
  • Single-day and multi-day sessions
  • Designated instructor(s) and double booking prevention
  • Attendance dashboard
  • Emailed calendar entries for registrants
  • Instructor ability to take attendance
  • Printable attendance form
  • Automatic certificate issue
  • Automatic emails to “no show” students
  • Course- and session-level waiting list management
  • Integration with GoToWebinar, GoToMeeting, GoToTraining, and WebEx
  • Ability to create venues and rooms
  • Ability to track historical training

Support & Services

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Support & Coaching

  • Exceptionally fast and friendly support 
  • Coaching
  • Email, chat, and phone support
  • 8-5 CDT M-F (7x24x365 SLA available)
  • 1st call resolution
  • 30-minute average response time (w/premium support)
  • Free administrator training — delivered through our own SmarterU Academy
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Help & Training

  • Comprehensive help system
  • Context-specific help
  • SmarterU Academy certification training 
  • Instructional videos
  • Live webinars
  • Coaching
  • Additional Premium Services include Implementation and Account Managed Services
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  • Single sign-on (Active Directory, OpenID,Okta, ADFS, SAML 2.0, Bitium, Salesforce, SmarterU API, OneLogin)
  • eCommerce (Shopify,, Magento, PayPal, and WooCommerce)
  • Webinar platforms (GoToWebinar, GoToMeeting, GoToTraining, and WebEx)HRIS Platforms
  • Intranets
  • ERP Platforms
  • Integrity Advocate Proctoring
  • Custom integrations
  • Additional Technical Services include Historical Data Import, Data Sync

Hosting & Security

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Account Security

  • Flexible username
  • Temporary passwords
  • User-definable passwords
  • Automatic forgot password routing
  • Password override by Administrator
  • Hacking detection and prevention
  • IP Address filtering
  • Simultaneous login detection
  • Session inactivity threshold
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Secure Data Center

  • Amazon Web Service (AWS)
  • CSAE 3416 Type II Certified
  • AICPA SOC 3 Certified
  • ISO 9001 Certified
  • ISO 27001 Certified
  • Daily onsite and offsite data backups