Women in STEM

Painting of Ada Lovelace; a woman wearing a very elegant dress, painted with white and pale pinks and purples. Her hair is drawn in an up-do with a fancy golden yellow hair band, with which a long veil is attached.

Ada Lovelace

1815 - 1852 (England)

Ada was the daughter of the poet George Gordon, Lord Byron and his mathematics-loving wife Annabella Milbanke. Her mother raised her under a strict regimen of science, logic, and mathematics to hopefully prevent Ada from inheriting her father’s volatile poetic temperament.

As a child, Ada was fascinated by machines, and poured over the scientific magazines of the time. She married an aristocrat, Earl of Lovelace, which gave her the means to pursue her passion for the sciences.

Why She Matters

Ada was the first computer programmer, creating the first algorithm meant for implementation on a computer.  


Leaving a Legacy