Monetize Your Training With eCommerce


Training companies selling training B2C and B2B

Monetize Your Training With eCommerce


Manufacturers providing training to dealers/distributors

Monetize Your Training With eCommerce


Associations providing training to members

Internal eCommerce

SmarterU will be releasing a fully integrated eCommerce engine in 2015.  Want more details?  Contact us at

External eCommerce

SmarterU integrates with leading eCommerce partners.  Design and build your store with their platform.  When a sale is made, the user will automatically be created in SmarterU with the appropriate courses or subscriptions assigned.

Custom eCommerce

Have a custom eCommerce system?  Use the SmarterU API to connect your system to the SmarterU platform for a seamless user experience.

Sell Courses & Subscriptions

Flexibility and Recurring Revenue.

Selling one course at a time is great - but selling a monthly recurring subscription to a suite of courses is even better.

With SmarterU, you can easily sell course subscriptions for specific time durations to create an ongoing revenue stream.

Course Types

Online, SCORM, or Instructor-led?  Doesn’t matter.  Subscriptions can have as many different types as you wish.

Custom Content

Change up the content of your subscriptions or customize what courses are in a subscription.


Manage the duration of a subscription, as well as adjust course settings and access through variants.

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Multiple Course Types

With SmarterU eCommerce, you can sell online courses or instructor-led sessions.

Plus, you can create and sell course bundles that combine both course types – great for blended learning programs where learners first take an online course prior to the live session.

Groups for your Clients

Effortless self-management functions.

Often, your clients will want some level of self-management for their employees.  SmarterU allows you to create groups for each of your clients so that they can easily supervise their employees, add new employees and run reports.

Extra value for your clients means extra revenue for you.

Local Management

Allow your clients to manage their own employees.

Course Assignments

Allow your clients to enroll their employees in your courses, and bill them as a subscription.


Allow your clients to run a variety of learner progress reports.

Group Branding

Personalize each of your client’s groups with a logo.

Credit Management

Allow your clients to pre-purchase course credits.

Group Pre-purchases

For corporate clients, you can turn on our credit management functions.  

This allows your clients to buy course credits from you – either direct or through eCommerce, and then use those credits for enrollments.

Courses & subscriptions

Both your clients and yourself get access to our Credit Management dashboard to see how many course credits are remaining.

Create bundles of courses through our subscription system – and track credits for those too.


Don’t just sell courses – sell certifications.

increase your revenue

It’s a fact - students like purchasing courses that drive to a certification.

With SmarterU, you can design a certification program where a student registers for and completes a series of courses to earn a certificate, which can be automatically emailed to them on completion.

certificates drive completion

64% of standalone courses are never completed; however, 87% of certificate programs enrolled in are completed.

Take advantage of this trend by selling certification programs, powered by SmarterU.

Customizable Registration Page

Customized signup / registration pages tailor made for you.

Need a custom signup page?  You can either create one through our API, or we could create one for you.

A custom signup / registration page allows you to prompt for a variety of details (such as a store or franchise location) and then use that information to drive user setup & course assignment.

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