Our Philosophy

Every one of our neovites strives to anticipate your needs and deliver an exceptional experience.

Dan Belhassen
Founder & President

SmarterU President Dan Belhassen - SmarterU LMS - Learning Management System
Your SmarterU Team - SmarterU LMS - Corporate Training

One Team Advantage

Our team can provide your learning management system as well as instructional and graphical design services.

One team for your learning management system and e-learning course design.

Your Return on Investment - SmarterU LMS - Online Training Software

Your Return on Investment

The Right LMS Makes you Money.

  • Reduce overall staff training time

  • Reduce telephone game miscommunications

  • Eliminate wasted travel time & expenses

  • Reduce third-party training costs

  • Eliminate behaviors that hurt your profit

  • Retain knowledge when employees leave

  • Reduce dependency on subject matter experts

  • Decrease employee turnover

"I enjoy SmarterU because it is a comprehensive, user friendly system, and if there is an issue I know there is always someone to help me. So far, it is the best, most user-friendly and comprehensive LMS I have ever used. Well done!"

Domenico B., LEEA

If you ever need a client reference, send them to us!”

John F.
Expedia CruiseShipCenters

“The level of attention, support and willingness to engage has been really good!.”

Zack S. 

“Everything is going great with SmarterU.  
We appreciate the service.”

Curtis N. 
K and N Electric

"SmarterU is great and easy to work with! They are constantly updating their software to keep up to date with technology, making our 'University' look fresh and exciting each time our users login."

Lainie D.
Red River Mutual

"The new administrator view design is beautiful and functional. Second, shout-out to the SmarterU team! They’ve been diligent, kind, timely, and thorough with every support ticket we've thrown their way."

Melissa H.

"Thank you all so much for an outstanding year of innovation, partnership, and support. SmarterU’s quality product and dedicated service has taken our company to a new level, and we’re certainly the better for it."

Daniel C.

"I enjoy using SmarterU because it has helped us scale our training to help more of our clients."

Marc P.

"It has been a great system for us, but most especially the customer service."

Jennifer H.
Ottawa Heart

"Support is excellent and quick to respond. We have been very happy with SmarterU."

Jessica M.

"SmarterU gave us great customer support throughout our setup process. While working with several representitives to build our training courses, they were all extremely accomodating to our changing needs. All staff members I have encountered have been kind and respectful, and overall I have had a very pleasant experience working with the SmarterU team."

Rachelle B., Sellercloud

"It’s been amazing.
This process has been so easy, and we’re so excited that we’re looking for more money in our budget to get more course work done."

Jennifer H.
Ottawa Heart

"Great job on the import function!

It makes importing and changing user data SO much easier!"

Saam M.
Birch Hill

"The platform is ideal for a small college like us! Meets our needs and the support we receive is beyond amazing.

10+++++ (Out of 10)"

Angela D.
Drake Medox College

"The system is great!"

Mira P.

"Brilliant service."

Kathy H.
Atlas Sports Conditioning

"It's a great tool!"

Marc-Andre N.
Sleep Country

"I want to thank you for being simply the BEST supplier I've ever worked with."

Paul P.
Manulife Financial

"We are very satisfied with our courseroom platform, tech support, and customer service!"

Sarah Q.

"Overall experience with SmarterU and Neovation in general has been nothing but exceptional."

Patrick H.

"The system is very easy to use, for both students and administrators, and you continue to improve it on a regular basis. The SmarterU customer service staff has always been extremely helpful. Most recently, I contacted the sales department with a nonstandard request. It too was met with an open, positive attitude toward working with us to find a solution. This continues to be a first-rate experience!"

Andy A., Couple to Couple League

“It is easy to make changes to your content as your content evolves.”

Etienne Y.
Batteries Expert

"Prompt and flexible
service. Dev team rocks! Best design team around!"

Wyeth K.
National Leasing

"A simple way to deliver
a complete and consistent message to every learner."

Harold D.
Druxy's Famous Deli

"Solid platform, good customer service, relationship and constant improvement philosophy."

Stephen S.
Metal Supermarkets

“A great product that
suits our needs supported by a responsive and knowledgeable team of people."

Mikael D.
Corus Entertainment

"Best system I have used. Pace of development. Cost effective solution. Responsive support. Have I missed anything?"

Mike S.

“I want to let you know that overall I love the software and it has been great for our classes.”

Denise M. 

“The User Dashboard looks fantastic!! It helps on so many levels.

Great job!”

Saam M. 
Birch Hill

“Awesome job.
Thank you sincerely for your efforts.  
You pack a one two punch....POW....!!!”

Robert S.
Mr. Taxes

"Still loving our SmarterU LMS.  Thanks very much to you and your team for consistently responding to and resolving our issues quickly, and for continually growing and improving the user experience.  We absolutely made the right choice when we decided to work with you!"

Heather M., Home Hardware

"The feedback from our users on the LMS is fantastic. Everyone feels that SmarterU is a VAST improvement!"

Mikael D.
Corus Entertainment

"Thank you again. You guys have been so great throughout all of this. Dan, you got a great team over there."

Anita L.
Expedia CruiseShipCenters

"The SmarterU team have been excellent partners for our organization – responsive and quick with solutions."

Sarah N.
Sunwing Travel Group

"Organized, easy to use format."

Kim T.
University of Ottawa

"I find smarteru to be a generally great platform."

Sara M.

"Great product, great customer support!"

Magali J.
Morneau Shepell

"Heather in Client Care is amazing. You are very lucky to have such a talented member on your team!"

Charlene P.
Manulife Financial

"I wanted to take the time to formally thank you and your team for your hard work to help us make [our] project a success."


"The speed and ease of assigning classes, and the new grading capability, makes me a happy camper."

Mike S.

SmarterU has exceeded my expectations! I’ve worked with other systems before and I’ve never come across a system that is so focused on their customer and upon continual enhancements and development. Their support team is great. I always can count on them for a quick response and additional help when I need it. I  highly recommend them!

Vanessa V., Epcon Communities

"If another opportunity arises for my new company I will definitely be recommending the SmarterU system to them also."

Keith J.
Brookfield Renewable

"I really like the recent changes to SmarterU and was really happy with both the product, and the support provided by your staff."

Tom L.

"Thanks for your help and support with this project – your team have been really helpful and responsive with our support."

Giles S.

"Every time there is a
SmarterU release, it feels like Christmas."

Martin T.
Reel Academy

"SmarterU has been a great addition to our training efforts."

Denise M.

"SmarterU’s service and support team are the best in the business."

Patrick K.
Nova Scotia Physio

"Thanks for all your patience and tutorials and expertise over the last year or so, it’s been a big learning curve for us here, and you folks have all been great to work with."

Lori F.
Building Professionals

"The high level of service we have received has been wonderful. We are so grateful for Jodane's attention to detail and persistence in our implementation."

Tracie N.

"SmarterU is the right kind of LMS for us. With other products you pay a lot for functionality you may never use. SmarterU does everything we need - and does it well."

Mikael D.
Corus Entertainment

"I cannot tell you how pleased we are with the system for our internal use. The learning plans are fantastic and for the first time in a very long time we have a handle on our internal training and records! The automation of it all was more than I dreamed of. Additional, your support team is great and as a business, very responsive to customer’s needs."

Laurie C., Ottawa Rotary Home

"SmarterU is very responsive to our questions and needs. That customer service is extremely important!"

Shari K.

"I really like SmarterU’s product. It's easy to use, and gets us the results we need to educate our employees."

Luellen L.
TASC / Eflex Group

"The customer service is amazing, and people that we have dealt with have been very accommodating."

Ryan R.

“The most complete LMS and a team that listens to its customers.”

Ricky L.
New Flyer Institute

"A great system with especially great customer service."

Jennifer H.
Ottawa Heart

"Great customer service and availability. The system is very good too."

Jen K.

"I am truly impressed and grateful for the level of service that the SmarterU team provides-- so quick to respond to our questions and provide us with solid solutions."

Rich D.

"For smaller companies, the quick feedback and easy to use system is good for quick to-the-point trainings. You also have great feedback for courses."

Nathan N.
Simon Med

"I would like to thank you for making this new feature [multilingual portals & games] a reality. It will be helpful for our actual and future clients."

Stephane B.
Imagine Franchise

"I am the farthest thing from a computer engineer, yet I've been able to learn how to navigate SmarterU fairly quickly and easily. The help that is offered in training videos, live sessions, and via email has provided me what I need to know to navigate the LMS. And if I can learn to run it, then YOU deserve a TEN!"

Virginia M., eScribers

"We  love the program and the service you provide!"

Ruthie B.
The Lunch Lady

"You have created a great system and awesome company."

Jeff H.

"SmarterU, by far, is the most user friendly LMS I’ve ever used."

Stephen S.
Metal Supermarkets

"I enjoy using SmarterU because of the customer service and implementation experience. Also the ease of use."

Matt B.

"A valuable tool to share consistent information with staff and owners for training and information. It is easy to use for both admin and user."

Cristy L.
Good Earth Coffee House

"We appreciate your work on this project, the suggestions you’ve made thus far have been great.  We love the pace and clarity on the courses."

Joyce O.

"It gives me nearly everything I need. You're very responsive when we have questions; your layout meets our needs perfectly."

Dena P.

"I’m really impressed with the work that’s been done with nothing more than our website as a guide. We’re extremely happy so far!"

Sarah S.
California Closets

"Overall, it's been a good experience. Communication is good, support is good, and the new releases are always helpful."

Beth S.
Core Solutions

"These guys have been great to work with! Actually exceeded my expectations with their personalized service. You have a great team and great product! I would definitely recommend your business to anyone who is looking for an online training company."

Kim H., Pizza Delight (Imvescor)

"SmarterU is a great platform. The company listens to users feedback and tries to accommodate and update their system as often as possible to give the best experience possible. User friendly."

Jennifer M.

"SmarterU makes continuous design improvements to get a better LMS and customer service. They’re innovative, constantly improving. A fully-fledged LMS for all industries."

Ricky L.
New Flyer Institute

"Thanks again for your help!! I appreciate knowing that you all are always right there to help. I have always raved about your responsiveness, and I'm happy to work with you!"

Tara H.

"I've always been impressed with SmarterU's helpful staff and software."

Janice M.
The Achievement Centre

"We really like SmarterU. Overall, it is a good LMS and it is meeting our current training needs."

Morgan C.
Sunwing Travel Group

"The software is responsive and reliable just like the people who support it!"

Mikael D.
Corus Entertainment

"Great system. It works, and we keep finding new ways to utilize the automation."

Harold D.
Druxy's Famous Deli

"I like SmarterU for the ease of use. Mostly the ease of replacing SCORM courses when needed."

Robert S.
The Lash Lounge

"The system is great and the support (Chris W. in particular) is always fantastic!"

Brady K.
Sunwing Travel Group

"I like how cost effective and easy to use SmarterU is. We actually let our summer intern set up our first class, and it was a great experience for her! She trained the rest of us on how to use the system and proved how easy it was to both use and set up."

Shyla H-P., FMC Finance

"Seamless, professional and reliable company with a personal approach to customer care. Total confidence in your product and services."

Andrew W.

"You have been diligent, kind, timely, and thorough with every support ticket we've thrown your way... and it has not gone unnoticed!"

Morgan C.
Sunwing Travel Group

"Great job and great support from Heather and the other support members!

Always very helpful!"

Vanessa V.
Epcon Communities

"The support team is constantly working to help us with all our needs."

Salvatore P.
Canada Food Safety Group

"We have been integrated with SmarterU for over a year and the feedback has been very positive."

Mike L.
Home Hardware

"SmarterU provides great customer service, project management and implementation services."

Lisa B.

"I would definitely recommend your company based on the quality of product and personalized service from you."

Kim H.
Pizza Delight

"Please let the support team know how grateful I am when they respond so quickly - sure makes me feel like I have back up and it's reassuring!"

Crystal D.
Building Professionals

"We've had great success creating courses for our team and associates, and the program is easy to use, and very user friendly."

Carrie M.
Property Guys

"After looking for a LMS system for 18 months we chose SmarterU. We have had an excellent experience from the start.  The SmarterU team has been very quick to respond to any need we have had in rolling out our online Food Safety course.  The frequent updates and program enhancements have all been excellent.  With a full list of great features and their commitment to excellence in everything they do SmarterU is a SMART choice."

Domenic P., Canadian Food Safety Group

"It is exactly what we need."

Pierre D.
Winnipeg School Division

"Nice layout, professional program."

Anne C.
Core Solutions

"Good product for the money."

Star S.
Hillman Group

"Easy to get started, but with good functionality for more sophisticated users. Great friendly support as well."

Nick B.
Assoc. of Investment Companies

"The system is very easy to use. Support services are fantastic. The training and learning library is great!"

Nicole M.
People First HR

"I have now become the person who runs our LMS and the capabilities are endless. SmarterU is so easy to learn."

Simona S.

"We have, with your help and expertise, articulated quite clearly the need for this training program and I am proud of the content we are about to present."

Cheryl C.

"Thanks Dan! I told my former partners last week I could not be more happy with my choice of SmarterU as an LMS supplier."

Mike S.

"SmarterU is the jumping off point for one my key strategies this year and I’m really excited at how the product has evolved. Kudos!"

Sarah N.
Sunwing Travel Group

"SmarterU is an amazing platform, complex and able to be highly customized, yet can be learned from the admin side without prior experience. The training was good, support is good, ease of use is good, user end experience is good!”

Star S., InMotion

"Always there to help me out! Always great support and customer service."

Wyeth K.
National Leasing

"Very professional. Your process is very thorough, and I appreciate it."

Preema A.
M&M Food Markets

"I’ve already recommended SmarterU to a colleague!"

Heather M.
Home Hardware

SmarterU has great customer service.
I like all of the options available for creating training courses and online tests.

James V.

"SmarterU is an excellent LMS. Their customer service team is what sets them apart. They go above and beyond to assist with issues."

Melissa C.
American Fidelity

"Seamless, professional and reliable company with a personal approach to customer care. Total confidence in your product and services."

Andrew W.

"SmarterU listens to its customers and is looking to build an LMS that serves multiple requirements in any org as well as flexibility to go in depth further."

Ricky L.
New Flyer Institute

"We absolutely love these [course templates]!!! The team will be super happy to see their colors and brand implemented throughout, so thank you for the effort."

Heather A-N.

"The staff at SmarterU are knowledgeable, talented and helpful and we really enjoy working with Taylor Mymko who is creative, resourceful and supportive."

Lori S-C.
HomEquity Bank

"SmarterU has a great support team and our account manager is knowledgeable and always helpful. We've had great customer service, and the application is always being enhanced to keep them on the cutting edge."

Sarah B., LeasePlan

"You are committed to making changes that matter to your clients."

Jessica M.

"The catalog feature gives new life to the self-enroll feature."

Saam P.
Birch Hill

"Very good, and constantly improving; provides excellent support."

Domenic P.
Canadian Food Safety

"Great system that you keep making even better."

Andy A.
Couple to Couple League

"Great product and great support."

Giles S.

"Your support [help desk] team is the BEST!"

Domenic P.
Canadian Food Safety

"Continuous design improvements to get a better LMS and customer service."

Ricky L.
New Flyer Institute

"I love the Smarter U format. Anyone who takes it benefits immediately and the information is retained.

Ruthie B.
The Lunch Lady

"We appreciate both the customer service and the great programming / design."

John F.
Expedia CruiseShipCenters

"This company pleasantly surprised me. The SmarterU team have been very professional and helpful. I can easily and happily verify the team’s level of professionalism and understanding of elearning technology, pedagogical concepts, and overall team personality. I am pleased with the product they produced for us. I endorse the Smarter U team!"

Don M., BNI

Your Training Beyond Binders & Boardrooms - SmarterU LMS - Blended Learning

SmarterU LMS

Wish there was an easy, cost-efficient way to deliver engaging, consistent training to your team, with the ability to drill down to see how everyone is really performing?

Online training makes sense for your organization, and SmarterU LMS provides all the features you are looking for in a learning management system -- from a built-in e-learning course  creator to SCORM/AICC/xAPI compliance to Executive Dashboards and Reporting.

  • Course Builder Functions

  • Support Plans

  • Detailed Feature List

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