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Executive Dashboard - SmarterU LMS - Learning Management SystemExecutive Dashboard - SmarterU LMS - Learning Management System

SmarterU Features

Fully Featured Platform

User Management - SmarterU LMS - Learning Management System
User Management

Manage tens of thousands of users, plus single sign on and user-sync options.

Executive Dashboards - SmarterU LMS - Learning Management System
Executive Dashboards

Drill down from our real-time dashboards to find the data you need, quick.

Online Course Editor - SmarterU LMS - Blended Learning
Online Course Editor

Build powerful courses or upload a PowerPoint for auto-conversion.

Reporting - SmarterU LMS - Blended Learning

Design custom reports easily with the SmarterU drag-and-drop reporting designer.

SCORM/AICC/XAPI Compliant - SmarterU LMS - Corporate Training
Scorm/AICC/xAPI Compliant

Upload your courses with a single click.

Custom Report Writer - SmarterU LMS - Corporate Training
custom report writer

Quickly define, save, and share custom report files.

Want a LMS with apps?

Our SmarterU LMS App is available on the App Store for iOS and Google Play for Android devices.
SmarterU LMS on App Store for iOS - SmarterU LMS - Learning Management System
SmarterU LMS on Google Play for Android - SmarterU LMS - Online Training Software
Training Automation - SmarterU LMS - Online Training SoftwareInstructor-Led Training - SmarterU LMS - Blended Learning
Instructor-Led Training - SmarterU LMS - Online Training Software
instructor-led training

Create blended training plans and manage single-day or multi-day sessions.

Knowledge Base - SmarterU LMS - Online Training Software
knowledge base

Track information and have one place to keep documents, product sheets, forms, and more.

Training Automation - SmarterU LMS - Learning Management System
training automation

Customize automated notifications to learners, supervisors, and group managers.

Gamification - SmarterU LMS - Learning Management System

Provide learners with opportunities to practice and assimilate course materials.

eCommerce - SmarterU LMS - Online Training Software

Sell your courses and subscriptions online through our eCommerce integration with Shopify™, 1ShoppingCart™, and Magento®.

Account Structure - SmarterU LMS - Online Training Software
account structure

Create different groups for each division of your company to delegate responsibility.

We are the solution you've been looking for:

Fully Branded

Allow your brand to shine.

Brand your login page, account theme and completion certificates – SmarterU adapts to you. Have multiple brands? Our linked accounts support multiple brands – with a single login.

Theme "Tangerine Dark" - Branded Design - SmarterU LMS - Corporate TrainingTheme "Lakeside" - Branded Design - SmarterU LMS - Corporate Training
Theme "Tangerine Dark"
Theme "Lakeside"
Course Demo - California Closets - SmarterU LMS - Online Training SoftwareCourse Demo - California Closets - SmarterU LMS - Online Training Software

Need Course Design?

We can transform your existing paper-based courses into dynamic, interactive online training.

Our in-house team of instructional and graphic designers can transform your existing paper-based courses into dynamic, interactive online training that engages your team.

Let's talk!

Exceptional Support

No other learning management system supports their users they way we do.

Our Client Success team is at your service to provide onboarding, training, and real-time support. Our online help system is supplemented with videos and webinars to ensure that you get the most from your SmarterU investment.

  • SmarterU Academy courses
  • 1:1 Coaching
  • Email, Phone, Live Chat
  • 8-5 M-F & 24/7 Option

Ready to experience exceptional support?

Our clients tell us they've never worked with a more responsive vendor.

Tried, Tested & Trusted

Well-respected companies trust SmarterU to manage their online & instructor-led training.  You should, too.

Just a few of our many clients!

Online training boosts productivity by up to 50%.

Reduce training time and training costs with SmarterU.  Ensure that consistent training is delivered company-wide - to every location - every franchise outlet - every production facility.  Allow your trainers to focus on strategy and content, and let SmarterU handle the deployment.

Online training can reduce training costs by 50% - 70%.

Reduce printing, travel, accommodation, and venue rental costs.  Provide training 24x7 and reduce the drain on production resources.  Online course materials are easy to update, and everyone has access to the new material at the same time.

Blended training still matters to many organizations - mixing online and real-time instruction.  We do that.

SmarterU allows you to manage all aspects of blended or flipped learning easily - venues, rooms, instructor schedules, learner attendance, and grade reporting - so all your training records are in one place.

Compare us to any other LMS in our class.

Pound for pound, we win the round.

Download your Free LMS Feature Shopping List - make sure you are comparing apples to apples when comparing SmarterU to other learning management systems.

We’re continually evolving and improving our platform, and offering fresh ideas and best practices on how to get the most out of your SmarterU learning management system.

Sign up for our weekly SmarterNews to get in the loop on what’s being added in our next release.

Ready to start saving?

eLearning saves businesses at least 50% on training costs.


Our clients tell us they've never worked with a more responsive technology partner. Here’s what else they say.

Star S. - InMotion - SmarterU LMS - Online Training Software
Star Somilleda

"SmarterU is an amazing platform, complex and able to be highly customized, yet can be learned from the admin side without prior experience. The training was good, support is good, ease of use is good, user end experience is good!”

Domenico B. - LEEA - SmarterU LMS - Blended Learning
Domenico Brunetti

"I enjoy SmarterU because it is a comprehensive, user friendly system, and if there is an issue I know there is always someone to help me. So far, it is the best, most user-friendly and comprehensive LMS I have ever used. Well done!"

Gabriel G. - GIGAVAC - SmarterU LMS - Learning Management System
Gabriel Garcia

"It's the most complete online training software that I've ever found.  It has all the tools I need."

John F. - Expedia CruiseShipCenter - SmarterU LMS - Learning Management System
John Felice
Expedia CruiseShipCenters

"The SmarterU team are a pleasure to work with.  They provided us with an amazing tool to automate our training processes.  They have taken the time to understand our business needs, provided guidance on the process of implementing online learning and have kept us on track when we get distracted with the shiny objects of what we “could” do.  They don’t just listen to feature requests, but actually deliver them.  Fantastic platform and support!  Strongly recommended!"

Andrew W. - LEEA - SmarterU LMS - Corporate Training
Andrew Wright

"Our experience of dealing with SmarterU - following our initial contact, our fact-finding visit to Winnipeg and our continuing service - has been nothing short of exceptional and has far exceeded our expectations. I have personally found Dan, Josh and the entire team at SmarterU to be in tune to our needs at all times, proactive in communicating future enhancements to the LMS based upon customer feedback and approachable with a reliable out of hours back up and customer service facility. I would highly recommend SmarterU based on our comprehensive supplier selection process, proof of delivery and capabilities thus far."

Virginia M. - eScribers - SmarterU LMS - Online Training Software
Virginia Milton

"I am the farthest thing from a computer engineer, yet I've been able to learn how to navigate SmarterU fairly quickly and easily. The help that is offered in training videos, live sessions, and via email has provided me what I need to know to navigate the LMS. And if I can learn to run it, I'd rate SmarterU a 10/10!"

Cristy L. - Good Earth Coffee House - SmarterU LMS - Blended Learning
Cristy Laing
Good Earth Coffee House

"A valuable tool to share consistent information with staff and franchise owners for training and information. It is easy to use for both admin and user."

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Our Team = Your Team

When you choose SmarterU, our team becomes your team.

  • Amazing onboarding through our SmarterU Academy course series, plus 1:1 support
  • A dedicated Client Success team is available
  • Integrations specialist for eCommerce
  • Executive webinars
  • Our weekly SmarterNews keeps you in the loop
  • New feature release webinars
  • Comprehensive online help and quick tutorial videos
  • Private training lessons
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