For 2017, SmarterU is naming each of our software updates after influential educators -- some that are well known, and others that rarely or never had the spotlight but deserve recognition for their contribution to education and training. Our honorees promoted education on the front lines of war, while fighting for civil rights, or changing the status quo of teaching methodology.

"Training and Education are two sides of the same coin," says Susan Hurrell, SmarterU's VP of Business Development. "Both introduce information and skills-building concepts that can improve the quality of people's lives, their work, and their potential for happiness. By honoring some of the less-recognized 'educators' in our common history, we want to shine a brighter light on those women and men who have made substantive contributions to improving our societies, our cultures, and our world."

SmarterU's learning management system undergoes regular updates and upgrades, with over 90% of new features and enhancements being suggested by their client base. Last year, these releases were named after Women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math). This year, heroes in education are the spotlight.

"Education doesn't always take place in the classroom. It happens throughout our lifetime, propelled by influences, interactions, and events that change us as individuals, and, in the case of our honorees, also changed the world," Hurrell concludes. "Whether creating learning opportunities for the disenfranchised or developing pioneering educational philosophy that determines how best to reach each individual child, education happens because of dedicated individuals who value the exchange of knowledge and the eradication of ignorance. We honor just a few of those who sought to improve the world -- one trained mind at a time."

The six Releases are Barton (March 4), Washington (May 13), Fröbel (July 22), Escalante (Sept 30), Bethune (Dec 2), and Phule (Dec 16).

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Influential Educators - Clara Barton - SmarterU LMS - Learning Management System
Booker T. Washington
Influential Educators - Booker T Washington - SmarterU LMS - Learning Management System
Friedrich fröbel
Influential Educators - Friedrich Fröbel - SmarterU LMS - Learning Management System
Jaime Escalante
Influential Educators - Jaime Escalante - SmarterU LMS - Learning Management System
Mary Mcleod Bethune
Influential Educators - Mary McLeod Bethune - SmarterU LMS - Learning Management System
Savitribai Phule
Influential Educators - Savitribai Phule - SmarterU LMS - Learning Management System