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Executive Dashboards - SmarterU LMS - Learning Management System

Executive Dashboards

Drill down from our real-time dashboards to find the data you need, quickly & effortlessly.

You wouldn’t want to use an online training platform without dashboards, would you?

Administrator Dashboard

Only available to account administrators, this dashboard provides a high-level view of your entire account.

Supervisor Dashboard

This dashboard is automatically available for all users who have reporting or supervisory permissions.


At a glance reporting with visual traffic lights to indicate enrollment status, with ability to drill down for details.

Learning PLans Dashboard

Easily manage learning plans and certifications, setting dependencies and training requirements which can be assigned to learners.

Course Admin

A complete overview of your online training system showing a list of total courses, and the total numbers of instructors and users, with drill-down capabilities by course or status.

Instructor Dashboard

Instructors for instructor-led courses have a dashboard showing them courses they are leading. They can easily report on students, take attendance, and assign grades.

Waiting List Dashboard

Manage course and session-level waiting lists, easily move learners from a waiting list to a session.

Management Dashboard

Maintain SKUs, which are lists of courses, which can be sold through eCommerce integrations.


View a summary of users for a particular team and easily report on a team’s enrollments.

Organization Dashboard

Add and edit organizations, plus their associated users.

Enrollment Dashboard

Enroll learners in courses based on self-enroll, recommended, or automatic enrollments.


Manage course credits for groups.

Points & Rewards Dashboard

Report on and manage points earned by learners. Points can be used for CEU credit management or incentive programs.

Subscriptions Dashboard

Manage course subscription sets, plus easily maintain multiple durations  (ie: 30-day, 60-day, 90-day) of the same subscription.


View and manage your groups (sub-accounts) within your account.

Certifications Dashboard

At-a-glance view of actions required to maintain your learners’ certifications.

Webinar Integration Dashboard

Integrate with GoToWebinar, GoToMeeting, and GoTo Training live webinar platforms.


Enable accounts to track and map licenses and continuing education credits issued by third-party agencies, and view certifications associated with a license.

Training Cost Dashboard

Track wages and costs of your training programs, and generate costing reports for your learners and courses.

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User Management - SmarterU LMS - Corporate Training

User Management

We’ve made it as easy as possible for you to manage your learners...

... from adding a learner to assigning courses, managing users in your account, to reviewing results – all just a few clicks with the SmarterU LMS.

Bulk User IMport

Easily import a large number of users.  Don’t worry about formatting; use any CSV and our intelligent importer will walk you through the process.

Learner Groups

Group your users in a variety of ways, such as groups, divisions, and teams, to facilitate reporting and permissions.

Custom User Fields

Capture and report on important data with custom editable fields for both learners and organizations.


Got external partners such as dealers or distributors? We make it easy to track which users belong to which organizations.

Log In As User

Admin access to log in as a user, enhancing your ability to support them.

Contact Cards

Hover over a user’s name and get their contact card containing their name, photo, job title, division, etc.

Login options

Use an email address or username to log in.  No email?  Routing options exist for users without email access.

Activity Log

See your learner’s complete activity history, including logins, course starts, course completions - plus drill down to see course and task details.

"I enjoy the flexibility the LMS offers. I also appreciate the constant updates and improvements to make the experience even better for administration and the learner user experience."

Dawn R. Brandt


User Permissions - SmarterU LMS - Online Training Software


Give users exactly the permissions they need -  including managing an entire sub-account, grouping learners, reporting, etc.

Managing Groups & Teams - SmarterU LMS - Blended Learning

Groups & Teams

Assign users into teams across groups - be able to easily assign courses to or review the performance of teams such as cashiers, forklift drivers, etc.

Custom Reporting - SmarterU LMS - Learning Management System

Custom Fields

Create and report on custom fields for users and organizations.


SmarterU sends out customizable, automated notifications to learners, supervisors, and group managers.

Weekly Learner Nudge - SmarterU LMS - Corporate Training
Learner Notifications

Learners get automated course enrollment and completion notifications as well as a weekly nudge to prompt them to complete their course work.

Customized Certificates - SmarterU LMS - Online Training Software
Completion Certificates

Optionally, upon completion of a course, send the learner a beautiful certificate of completion.

Weekly Supervisor Report - SmarterU LMS - Blended Learning
Supervisor Notifications

Every Monday morning, supervisors with active groups get an email summarizing the status of their assigned learners.

Course Enrollment

Learners and Enrollments - SmarterU LMS - Learning Management System

Learning Plans

Bundle training courses together into a learning plan and assign them to your learners.

Group enrollments

Assign courses to groups of learners - automatic emails notify learners of their course assignments.


Allow your learners to self-enroll into optional training. Make it easy to learn.

“Role automation is the killer app.  That’s exactly what we need.”

Leonard Z. River East Transcona School Division

Learning Plans

Your learners all have a variety of roles and training requirements specific to those roles.

Have learner roles that require periodic re-training?  Need to manage certifications with expiry dates? 

SmarterU LMS provides you with the tools to define roles, certifications, and training plans.

Learning Plans - SmarterU LMS - Corporate Training
Defining Training Plans - SmarterU LMS - Online Training Software

Define training plans, which can include mandatory, recommended, and optional requirements, as well as electives.

Managing Training Plans - SmarterU LMS - Online Training Software

Manage components of each training plan, including refresh dates.

Certified Learners - SmarterU LMS - Blended Learning

Easily see who has attained their certifications, and which actions are still outstanding.

Define & Assign Learning PLans

Define unlimited learning plans, each with their own certification and training requirements, including action “checklists”.

Each user can be assigned to one or more learning plans, and their training requirements are automatically derived and assigned!

Certifications & Learning Plans

Track training requirements for your certifications, including re-certification periods, expiries, and automated notifications. 

Develop different learning plans and assign them to roles for true training automation.


Measure learner progress.

Assess the effectiveness of your online training using our powerful drill-down reporting.  

Design custom reports easily with the SmarterU drag-and-drop reporting designer.

Speedy Reports - SmarterU LMS - Learning Management System
Fast.  Really Fast.

Great for productivity, bad for coffee breaks.

All reporting is optimized to display within seconds, even if you have tens of thousands of results.

Fast reporting and the ability to schedule reporting means you spend more time interacting with your data, clicking and exploring meaning.


Your at-a-glance summary. See how many assignments are active, overdue, and complete – plus drill down for details.


Distribute proctor codes which must be entered prior to a learner starting an exam.

Learning Plan Report

Summarize the status of certifications, actions, and courses assigned to your learners as a result of a learning plan.

Quiz Analysis

Analyze your quiz results to see which questions your learners are having a hard time with.

SmarterU SmartGrids - SmarterU LMS - Corporate Training

Used to manipulating data in Excel?

You have access to the same filtering capabilities with our SmartGrids™, which are integrated into every SmarterU LMS report.

Drill Down

Every grid has built-in drill-down capabilities – so you can easily navigate your data.


Narrow down results with our powerful text filtering and range matching tools.


Simply click to sort columns.  Easy.


Export your report into a CSV file for further analysis.

"Continually evolving product that meets our developing needs, great support, fast to deploy, minimal management overhead and good return on our investment. Great product!"

Giles S. LEEA

Gamification and Rewards - SmarterU LMS - Online Training Software


Create a dynamic incentive program by having your learners earn points which can be redeemed for rewards.

Create a dynamic incentive program by having your learners earn points which can be redeemed for rewards. 

A great way to motivate your learners!

Earn Points for Completing Training Tasks - SmarterU LMS - Blended Learning

Allow your learners to earn points on completing training tasks...

Redeem Points for Rewards - SmarterU LMS - Learning Management System

... Your learners can then redeem their points for incentives and rewards you define!

Regular Updates & Releases

New LMS features every 8 weeks.

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