We take your shoebox...

Most clients come to us with what we affectionately call a shoebox of training material – an assortment of PowerPoints, Word docs, PDF files, videos, etc.  Perhaps some files are 5 or 10 years old.  This is completely normal & expected.

...and turn it into beautiful & engaging courses 

We review the shoebox and make sense of it all.  We build a curriculum, identify gaps, interview your subject matter experts, and then design and build beautiful courses that engage your learners.

“Lots of great ways to use the system to accomplish our goals.  Love the dashboards!”

Harold D. DRUXY’S Famous Deli

Client Project Samples

(These clients have graciously allowed us to show small samples from their projects.)

Instructional Design

Graphic Design

Software Demo


Audio Editing




Regardless of the LMS you use,

we can build you beautiful, engaging courses.

Introducing SmarterU Essentials

Over 5,000 “ready-to-launch” courses on dozens of subject areas!